Data Center Cabling Solutions

Best-In-Class Fiber Enclosures

No matter where your cabling is, or what function you need your enclosures to deliver, CABLExpress has the ideal solution.

Our fiber enclosures are available in any configuration and feature the highest port density in the industry.
Get best-in-class fiber cable enclosures and be prepared to accommodate any structured cabling design you have in mind with CABLExpress fiber enclosure solutions.

Designed to eliminate unnecessary, cumbersome obstructions and allow you to gain the benefits of structured cabling with convenient access for installation.

Available in vertical and horizontal mounting configurations allowing for physical replication of any switch configuration.

A true "plug and play" solution that allows you to simplify cabling for the Brocade G620.

Get the highest port density for fiber optic cabling currently offered in the marketplace.

A convenient way to save space in the data center without sacrificing manageability or performance.

Ideal for open racks in telecom closets or any areas where the front door protection is needed.

Slanted to route patch cords directly into vertical cable managers on either side of the panel for enhanced cable management.

Save valuable rack space and make managing your data center infrastructure easier.

Designed to ensure maximum physical security for the equipment in your racks.

Avoid unused fiber when converting to 40G.

Gain superior visibility into your data traffic.