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Port Replication™ Patch Panels


Port replication™ simplifies cabling with a direct one-to-one relationship
between active hardware ports and passive patch panels, reducing cable management issues.

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Simplify your cabling


Port replication™ “mirrors” the ports of active fiber optic hardware in a passive component (fiber patch panel), creating a direct, one-to-one relationship between the active hardware ports and the passive structured cabling environment.

This allows switches to be cabled once and then replicated in a Main Distribution Area (MDA), simplifying the cabling process with all numbers on the hardware directly corresponding to the numbers on the patch panel.

Any changes can then be made at the MDA, as recommended in the TIA-942 Data Center Standard. Making changes in the passive MDA environment reduces cable management issues, decreases opportunities for patching errors and limits wear and tear on active ports.

Easier moves, adds and changes

When port replication is utilized in conjunction with a recommended TIA-942 structured cabling design, MACs are simplified by the exact one-to-one relationship between the hardware and panel ports. This significantly reduces the risk of human error, the most common cause of network downtime.

Less mess in front of switches

With port replication, switches can be neatly cabled a single time and then left alone. All active hardware can remain untouched until something needs to be physically replaced (fans, power supplies or blades). No more creating cabling spaghetti in front of switches.

Relieve stress on fiber cabling

Fiber cabling is very sturdy, but improper installation and management can place it under extreme stress. When the cabling is not properly managed, patch cords can become intertwined. The weight of the cabling will pull on the connectors at the transceiver contact. This can lead to intermittent channel errors and cause network downtime.

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