Data Center Cabling Solutions

We have a variety of specialized services. Put our expert team to use for you and achieve amazing results.


Design Assistance

The CABLExpress team of architects and specialists is qualified and ready to help you plan, design and implement a robust data center cabling infrastructure that will exceed industry standards and last for multiple generations of hardware.

Planning and installing a data center structured cabling solution can daunting, especially with constant IT initiatives driving an ever-changing infrastructure.

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Customized Product Development

There are all kinds of businesses and organizations that have to come up with creative solutions for their data center and cabling infrastructure. Our team helps our customers solve these big problems by adapting products to suit customers specific needs.

We can work with companies to develop a product works specifically for their set of conditions, criteria, and constraints.

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Cable Labeling

Cable labeling is incredibly helpful and offers several benefits. As abest practice, cable label numbering scheme should match the TIA-606-C published standards for all jumpers and patch cords, labeled by cabinet number, rack unit, and port location.

Having an effective labeling scheme your network cables can be critical for a successful installation, as well as for your network in the long run.

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Project Services

Every technology project requires cabling.Take advantage of our project services to simplify your next install.

We take care of a host of project planning and details like: providing a labeling scheme, organizing boxes are labels and cables bundled to your liking, grouping and shipping items together, and labeling boxes.

By handling and organizing the details, your project becomes plug and play with less mess.

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Dedicated Solutions Consultant

We know how important your cabling products and solutions can be.

To ensure things go smoothly and you get the most from your products, plans, and projects, we offer dedicated solutions consultants to our customers.

We want to be more than just a cable reseller to our customers. Our team is comprised of hard-working representatives, experts, and data center architects, and we're to help

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Partnered Installation Services

Most of that time, our customers use their own local installation companies, or used internal resources to complete their projects. Changes in our industry have heightened the number of inquiries we see for installation services.

While we continue to maintain its focus on design and manufacturing, we have utilized various partners to ensure projects are completed as needed. If you need support for installation, let us know. We can discuss the level you need and make sure you find the right fit.

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