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Easy Access Series Patch Panels


The Easy Access Series is designed to eliminate unnecessary,

cumbersome obstructions and allow you to gain the benefits

of structured cabling with convenient access for installation.

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Take fiber patch panels out of the box!


The Easy Access (EA) Series allows you to easily access patch cabling in the front and the rear of the patch panel. There is no top, or sides, to get in your way when accessing the fiber ports. This makes installation and any moves, adds, and changes much easier in congested racks or cabinets.


Product Features:

  • Port Density Up to 48 duplex LCs or 32 MPO ports per RMU
    • This uses the “sweet spot” that allows finger access to individual ports as needed, but still maintains a high density.
  • Scalable – Faceplate options of (4) 12-port duplex LC modules per rack unit, or (2) 24-port duplex LC modules per rack unit
    • This means you can purchase the amount of ports you need and leave space for future upgrades, paying as you grow.
  • Space Savings – The complete system takes up 1U of space with a depth of 11”
    • Less congestion in the cabinet or rack
    • Greater air flow to protect from heat build-up
  • Modular Cable Management – Ability to add front cable manager as needed
  • Low-Loss Components – Ensure your cabling solution will meet current, and future optical loss budgets
  • Labeling Card – Viewable and removeable when you open the front door
    • This makes port labeling and mapping simple and convenient. You can easily stay standards-compliant (TIA-606).
  • Rear Cable Manager – Multiple tie-down slot positions make cable routing and cable management easy to accomplish






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