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H+ Enclosures


High-density Skinny-Trunk® H+ enclosures optimize rack space in your data center

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Highest Port Density


With the highest port density for fiber optic cabling currently offered in the marketplace, our Skinny-Trunk® H+ enclosures free up even more valuable rack space in your data center.

Each sliding tray houses four modules, and each module contains six LC duplex ports. H+ enclosures provide optimal usability and manageability to allow for a seamless transition as you continue to migrate to higher speeds.

Product Features

  • 1U high-density configuration option for 72 duplex LC ports
  • 2U high-density configuration option for 144 duplex LC ports
  • 4U high-density configuration option for 288 duplex LC ports
  • Each sliding tray has four modules, each module has six LC duplex ports
  • Front door provides protection for your cabling
  • Cable management trough and side tie-down areas that allow for uniform cable routing
  • Angled cable management brackets in rear that provide ability to maintain proper cable bend radius and protection of connectors
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

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