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High-performance cabling, data center infrastructure products, and structured cabling solutions

Data Center Cabling Guide

CABLExpress, a division of CXtec, manufactures high-performance cabling, data center infrastructure products, and structured cabling solutions. We help you implement a cabling infrastructure that provides the quality and performance to make all your technology investments worthwhile.

CABLExpress began more than 40 years ago working to solve problems for mainframes in the data center. Our cabling expertise is guided by our experience with enterprise accounts, schools, financial institutions, retail, and medical facilities. We understand that hardware investments need to be optimized to meet the business goals of your company. We want to become your true partner, providing insight for the future, knowledge of current best practices, and personal assistance in data center design in every interaction you have with us.

The award-winning CABLExpress Multi-Path™ System handles multiple cabling light path solutions resulting in little disruption or added cost. Our Skinny-Trunk® Solution is a high-density, fiber optic product line that helps you maximize business value and prepare for future generations of upgrades.

We serve on the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Telecommunications Cabling Systems Engineering Committee (TR-42), which develops and maintains standards for optical fiber, balanced twisted-pair copper and other telecommunications and data cabling systems and components. We bring an in-depth understanding of current data center standards, such as ANSI/TIA-5683-D, ANSI/TIA-942-B, BICSI 002 and others.

Protect your critical assets with the highest-quality product, best service, optimum performance, and industry-leading innovation you can only get from CABLExpress. 

Skinny-Trunk® Solution

Designed with performance and manageability in all aspects of its product set, the Skinny-Trunk® Solution is the best way to ensure your equipment will achieve optimum performance.

Data Center Cabling

Multi-Path™ System

Increasing data speeds have created challenges for data center managers designing fiber cabling topologies, such as polarity (light path).

This dilemma led us to design a new way to deliver a simple, effective system that handles multiple paths with very little disruption or added cost.

The CABLExpress Multi-Path™ system simplifies the cabling migration process and reduces the need for multiple transition components.

  • Ensures your equipment will achieve optimum performance
  • Allows for flexibility and scalability with all your growth needs
  • Save on space, labor and cooling

Learn More About Multi-Path System 

Listen to Multi-Path System Podcast

Read Multi-Path System White Paper


Designed to meet and exceed your loss budgets and have high repeatability, so your cables work the first and the 500th time you plug in.

Time Savings

Plug-and-play technology.


High-density yet easy to work with, featuring organized cable management and modular designs for easy swap outs.


Overall cabling can decrease by 70%.

Learn More About  the Skinny-Trunk® Solution

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Port Replication

Port replication is a patching system that mirrors (duplicates) the active electronics in a passive environment.

This reduces cable management issues, decreases opportunities for patch errors and reduces wear and tear on the active ports. H-Series enclosures are designed specifically to replicate high-density director class switches.

This allows full replication in a Main Distribution Area (MDA) as recommended in the TIA-942 Data Center Standard. 48- and 32-port modules are also available to offer full replication for any density

Dell ED-DCX6-8B, ED-DCX6-4B

Dell ED-DCX6-8B, ED-DCX6-4B

IBM SAN512B-6 and SAN256B-6

IBM SAN512B-6 and SAN256B-6

Brocade X6-8 and X6-4

Brocade X6-8 and X6-4

HPE SN8600B 8-slot and SN8600B 4-slot

HPE SN8600B 8-slot & SN8600B 4-slot

H-Series 10U and 12U enclosures have modules designed specifically to replicate 32-, 48- and 64-port director class switches.
Available in vertical and horizontal orientations. We can match your switch port numbering exactly.


Learn More     Read White Paper


Easy Access (EA) Series Patch Panels

Developed to eliminate unnecessary obstructions and allow data center managers to easily access patch cabling in the front and rear of the patch panels.

The EA Series allows you to easily access patch cabling in the front and the rear of the patch panel. There is no top, or sides, to get in your way when accessing the fiber ports.

This makes installation and any moves, adds, and changes much easier in congested racks or cabinets.

Learn More about  Easy Access (EA) Series Patch Panels

Easy Access Patch Panel

Port Density

Up to 48 duplex LCs or 32 MPO ports per RMU


Faceplate options of (4) 12-port duplex LC modules per rack unit, or (2) 24-port duplex LC modules per rack unit

Space Savings

The complete system takes up 1U of space with a depth of 11”

Modular Cable Management

Ability to add front cable manager as needed

Low-Loss Components

Ensure your cabling solution will meet current, and future optical loss budgets

Labeling Card

Viewable and removable when you open the front door

Rear Cable Manager

Multiple tie-down slot positions make cable routing and cable management easy to accomplish

1U 4-Slot RSD Series Easy Access with rear manager

1U 4-Slot RSD Series Easy Access with rear manager

1U 2-Slot H-Series Easy Access with rear manager

1U 2-Slot H-Series Easy Access with rear manager

Optional front cable manager

front cable manager

Optional front cable manager


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H-Series Enclosures

H-Series Enclosure Table - rack units, slots, port count, orientationOur H-Series fiber enclosure solutions are available in both vertical (4U, 6U, 10U, 12U) and horizontal (1U, 10U) mounting configurations, allowing users to choose port orientation to mirror high-density switches.


Go to H-Series Product Page     Talk With Our Product Team



1U with up to 48 duplex LC ports


1U with up to 48 duplex LC ports




H Series 1u End of Row - edge switch replication*


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4U with up to 144 duplex LC ports

4U with up to 144 duplex LC ports



4u H Series Enclosure, Edge Switch, End of row*

6U with up to 288 duplex LC ports
6U with up to 288 duplex LC ports

H Series 6u , vertical *

H-Series 8slot - end of row, edge switch


- 16 port options available

1U with up to 32 duplex LC ports

H-Series 1U 32ports

1U with up to 48 duplex LC ports

H-Series enclosure 1U, 48 Port

1U with up to 64 duplex LC ports

1u, 64 ports, H-Series



10U 8-slot with up to 384 duplex LC ports

H-Series 10U 8-slot with up to 384 duplex LC ports

10U 8-slot with up to 384 duplex LC ports - horizontal

48 port module, H Series10u, 8 slot H-Series module

48 ports (left)   |   64 ports (right)

10U 24-slot with up to 576 duplex LC ports

H-Series Enclosures: 10U 24-slot with up to 576 duplex LC ports

H Series Enclosures - 10U 24-slot with up to 576 duplex LC ports - Horizontal

H Series Enclosure Module Vertical 24 slot*   10 U, 24 slot module, horizontal

12U with up to 512 duplex LC ports

H Series Enclosures - 12U with up to 512 duplex LC ports

             H Series Enclosure, 64 port module


1U Rack Mount Modules
Our 1U rack mount modules allow you to deliver port replication on a smaller scale, such as replicating a 4U chassis.
This allows you to maximize your rack space usage and still receive the myriad of benefits that port replication provides!

*Full density shown. Also available half-density LC or with MTP® feed-through adapter panels.

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H+ Enclosures

CABLExpress® H+ enclosures provide maximum scalability, allowing you to customize your layer one cabling infrastructure to your unique business needs.

H+ Enclosures with tray outEach sliding tray houses four modules, and each module contains six LC duplex ports. H+ enclosures provide optimal usability and manageability to allow for a seamless transition as you continue to migrate to higher speeds.

Featuring the highest port density for fiber optic cabling currently offered in the marketplace, H+ enclosures accommodate up to 288 duplex LC ports in a 4U, 144 in a 2U, and 72 in a 1U configuration.

Their unique design allows easy access to all ports and comes with integrated cable management features for a clean installation, while their front door provides protection for your cabling

H+ Series Enclosures table

Each tray houses four modules - each module contains six LC duplex ports

H+ Enclosure Family

For best cable management results, we highly recommend using the H+ enclosure with CABLExpress® Skinny-Trunk® 2mm round fiber jumpers

H+ Enclosure 100-LRsm Available in 1U, 2U and 4U

H+ Enclosures Product Page     Talk With Our Team About H+ Enclosures

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Our Skinny-Trunk® harnesses solve the problem of cable management in high-density fiber switches. Their revolutionary design eliminates cabling bulk, and staggers to fit your switch ports perfectly.

  • Can reduce bulk by more than 60%
  • Pre-engineered and customizable staggering provides neat and clean installation into your switches for optimum cable management
  • Round fiber cordage on LC legs allows for maximum routing flexibility

8 Fiber Cable harness, yellow sm

8 Fiber Harness

Skinny Trunk Harness Product Page



  • Far exceed industry dB loss performance standards
  • Come in 6-to-1 and 4-to-1plug-in factor

Fiber cable harness , 12 fiber aqua, mm

12 Fiber Harness

Breakout Harnesses for speeds:

  • 100G to 4x 25G
  • 400G to 4x 100G
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Ladder Rack Enclosures


LadderRack Enclosures - fullThe Skinny-Trunk® ladder rack enclosure is the first copper and fiber enclosure specifically designed to mount directly to overhead conveyance.


  • Stay in compliance with TIA-942 standards
  • Easy, one person mounting saves time and money on install
  • Accepts 16 modules or feed-through adapter panels

Can hold up to 192 LC duplex ports or 96 copper ports (or a combination of the two)

Ladder Rack Enclosure - close

Ladder Rack Enclosures Product Page

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Z-Mount® Brackets


When you just don’t have rack space, the Z-Mount® bracket and the ladder rack enclosure are the solution. The Z-Mount® bracket fits all racks and cabinets, regardless of manufacturer, with industry-standard spacing.

  • The unique design allows you to mount to the outside of the rack, using no horizontal rack space and ensuring the maximum use of your conditioned space.
  • Available in 4-, 8-, and 12-port MTP® (left and right) so you can distribute up to 144 fibers from just one Z-Mount. Also available in LC and RJ45 for server rack applications.
  • Fits all racks and cabinets with industry-standard EIA 510D spacinZ-Mount Brackets from CABLExpress
Z-Mount Bracket - 0u - zero rack units bracket


Z-Mount Brackets Product Page     Watch Skinny Trunk Harness & Z-Mount Brackets Video

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RSD Series Enclosures


RSD Series Enclosures Our RSD Series 1U, 2U and 4U fiber enclosures provide highdensity, low dB loss connections. They’re ideal for structured cabling environments, open racks in telecom closets or any areas where the front protection might be needed.


They support up to 96 fibers in 1U and 384 fibers in 4U, saving valuable space. Their modular design allows for multiple connector types within each enclosure, and their LC and SC couplers utilize state-of-the-art spring stabilizing for minimal coupler movement.

Their slide out, tilt-down drawer provides easy access to modules.

Plus, they come standard with a lifetime warranty.



1U with up to 48 duplex LC ports

1U - 48 duplex LC ports

- Enclosures also accept modules

2U with up to 96 duplex LC ports

2U with up to 96 duplex LC ports

4U with up to 192 duplex LC ports

4U with up to 192 duplex LC ports



RSD Series Modules

Check out these standard features:
  • Low loss components allow flexibility in fiber network design


  • 13-inch depth frees up room in rack n Light weight allows for easier mounting


  • Label card enables easy port identification n Internal cable managers maintain proper bend radius


  • Rugged design helps fiber to remain secure


  • Designed to accept 4, 8 or 16 adapter panels and/or modules

10-Gig Aqua 12-port LC

10-Gig Aqua 12-port LC

Singlemode 12-port LC

Singlemode 12-port LC

RSD Modules- half density options

Available in half-density options

RSD Enclosures - 8 port options

- 8-port options available

Adapter Panels

adapter panel - 10-Gig Aqua 12-port LC

10-Gig Aqua 12-port LC

Adapter Panels - Multi-mode 6-port ST

Multi-mode 6-port ST

Adapter panel - 12 port MT-RJ

12-port MT-RJ

Adapter Panel - Multi-mode 6-port SC

Multi-mode 6-port SC

Adapter Panel - 6 port RJ45

6-port RJ45

Adapter panel - 6 port MTP

6-port MTP®

RSD Series Enclosures Product Page     Watch RSD Series Enclosure Video

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Angled Patch Panels


CABLExpress® angled patch panels feature a slanted design to route patch cords directly into vertical cable managers on either side of the panel. This enables faster installation and eliminates the need for horizontal cable management. The 1U accepts four modules and/or adapter panels and holds up to 96 fibers. The 2U accepts eight Angled patch panelsmodules and/or adapter panels and holds up to 192 fibers.


  • Modular design is scalable to add modules as needed
  • Allows for multiple connector types in each enclosure
  • Can hold both fiber and copper
  • Precision, stable spring couplers optimize performance and ensure network uptime
  • Internal cable managers maintain proper bend radius
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Available with LC, SC, ST, MT-RJ, MTP or RJ45 adapters

Angled Patch Panels Product Page

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Fiber Trunks

Fiber trunks are a convenient and economic alternative to running multiple jumpers through your data center. Trunks offer easy cable management as well as significantly reduced field installation times. They’re easy to unplug, recoil, and reuse in the event of any moves, additions or changes.

  • MTP® connector features the industry’s highest precision thermoplastic ferrule, designed to lower insertion loss allowing connections to be made while meeting or exceeding loss budgets
  • Ultra-flexible 2mm MTP® breakout legs ensure critical airflow paths are not blocked in cabinets
  • Trunking diameters are one-third of the competition, reducing congestion in your cabling pathways

Fiber Trunk Cable - MTP / MPO connectors

  • Furcation Point Retains integral strength to the assembly
  • MTP® Connectors Allow for modular pre-terminated fiber optic cabling
  • Highly customizable legs, lengths and breakouts
  • Trunking options from 4- to 144-fiber count
  • Up to 12-to-1 plug-in factor saves valuable install time n Factory-terminated and tested ensuring performance
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty



singlemode fiber trunk cable

Single-Mode Full suite of single-mode cabling available


  • Armored Options Available
  • Uniboot LC Connectors
  • Reduce cordage size by 50% without loss of performance


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Fiber Trunks Product Page   


Skinny-Trunk® Fiber Jumpers

The key to achieving maximum performance in a high-quality structured data center cabling system is through fiber jumpers.

Our Skinny-Trunk® fiber jumpers meet and exceed the industry’s most stringent requirements for data center solutions, designed specifically for the mainframe and high-end SAN switching environments.

  • Ideal for high-speed, mission-critical data center environments
  • Available in a variety of multi-mode and single-mode lengths and connector styles
  • Optimal Uniboot construction, allowing easier plug-in and unplugging and robust strain relief Designed for high performance – rigorously tested for repeatability and loss
  • Designed for high performance – rigorously tested for repeatability and loss


Skinny Trunk Fiber Patch Cable - aqua
Skinny Trunk Fiber Patch Cable - yello , sm


Available in a variety of multimode and single-mode lengths and connector styles
  • LC duplex with side release clip
  • SN® Fishtale
  • MDC Connector-Wave

Check out our Fiber Optic Cabling Installation Best Practices Guide.

Fiber Jumper Cable Product Page

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Copper Trunking


Create a standards-based, flexible, and reliable copper platform in your data center.

CABLExpress® copper trunk cables are the highly customizable solution for your connectivity needs.

This assembly allows for easy moves, adds and changes.

The simplicity of its design allows existing staff to install the trunking system, thereby avoiding any potential security risks involved with bringing in outside personnel.

For the critical install, there’s simply no better choice than the CABLExpress copper trunk assembly.

You can minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and save money by deploying a reliable, easy-to-use copper trunking system.

Copper Trunk Cables Product Page

Copper Trunking Cables - CABLExpress

copper trunk cable - braided sleeve
Cat6 couplers
Braided sleeve allows flexibility, while keeping cables in a manageable bundle
CAT6 couplers in our modular patch panels provide fast and reliable data connections
Standard and mini CAT6 available
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Cabinets & Racks

Data center racks and cabinetsWhite data center cabinetWhen it comes to housing your hardware, you need options that make your job easy and can accommodate any configuration you design



We offer a wide variety of cabinets designed for high-density applications and side-to-side airflow equipment. Our cabinets are available in multiple sizes and configurations, with numerous options for cable management. The cabinets are shipped fully

assembled and capable of handling high-density switch, server and cable management requirements. These cabinets can be used separately or ganged together to create a Main Distribution Area (MDA), the central point of the data center structured cabling system.


cable management fingers

Cable Management Fingers
  • Fingers come in 7 RMU sections
  • Finger openings align with RMUs for easy cable pathways
  • Finger sections are repositionable


horizontal trough, cable management

Horizontal Trough
  • Route larger bundles from front to rear
  • Can be placed in any vertical location

baffle kit - cable management

Baffle Kit
  • Intake/exhaust kits for side-to-side airflow equipment
  • Directs cool air in and exhaust air out of side-to-side airflow equipment

Cabinets Product Page



4 post rackrack for cable CMRYou can save floor space and some money with our wide variety of easy-access rack options. Our CABLExpress® racks provide ample room for large cable bundles and come available with a number of cable management features. Our racks are perfect for use in the Equipment Distribution Areas (EDA) of the data center.


  • 24WM CabinetFront mesh doors are reversible
  • Swing handle with keyed lock
  • Open from both sides

Limitless possibilities for cabinet and rack configurations

Racks Product Page

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CABLExpress EXP Series®

All the cabling you need, when you need it, at the price you want


CABLExpress EXP Series® fiber jumpers are 100% optically-tested and factory-terminated for superior performance. We stock a variety of multi-mode and single-mode lengths and connector styles ready to ship today, and custom assemblies are also available. We can build jumpers to your exact needs and requirements. Save money and get your cabling right away!

100% optically-tested and factory-terminated for superior performance


Our copper patch cables are the trustworthy, reliable way to carry all your data, voice and video signals. They’re available with snagless boots for easy installation. Plus, with stock lengths and colors available for same-day shipping, there’s simply no better way to future-proof your wiring infrastructure. Get competitively-priced cables ready to ship today!

reduced diameter Cat6 - mini Cat6

With a diameter of just 0.148 inches, CABLExpress® mini Cat6 patch cables are smaller than standard Cat6 cables – using less critical space in your cabling infrastructure.



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EXP Series Fiber Cables Product Page


Cable Management

We have patch panels, jacks, faceplates and cable managers to help you with all of your structured cabling projects. On top of that, we also carry the cable management products to keep your cabling infrastructure organized and your structured cabling system performing at its peak.

  • Duct style managers for 1U (best for fiber optic cabling) and 2U (great for copper patch cords)
  • 1U, 2U and 3U D-ring managers for 24-, 48-and 96-port patch panels
  • A wide variety of cable ties/wraps with Velcro® fasteners



1U Duct Style

1u Cable Manager SM

2U Duct Style

2u Duct Style Cable Manager

5 Ring

5 ring cable manager



Optical Microscope


A majority of “defective” cables actually just have dirty end-faces! We recommend inspecting the end-faces of cables before installation, and then cleaning them if necessary.

NOYES® OFS300-200C

Noyes OFS300-200c

One-Click Cleaners


End-face contamination can cause catastrophic failure. Particulates, skin oils, clothing fibers and other contaminants can decrease performance and cause channel errors – even causing DOWNTIME! These easy-to-use, one-click cleaners allow you to follow best practices without investing a lot of time. Remember to always inspect, clean, inspect and repeat if necessary.


One-click fiber optic cable cleaner

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