Data Center Cabling Solutions

Future-Proof Cable Infrastructures

It’s easy to build a cabling system that handles your data flow right now, but what about the future? Technology is constantly changing and so are your business needs. You need to be nimble enough to change and grow quickly.

Is your cabling infrastructure ready for the next hardware upgrade? Are you able to move and add switches, routers and other devices with relative ease? Do you know how 40/100G Ethernet will affect your cabling infrastructure?

Future-proof cabling systems can ensure peace of mind for upgrades to the next generations of hardware as well as allow for a platform that is well-organized, tidy and easy to work with.

Key Points to Remember

There are several key points that will help you make sure your cabling is ready for the technology of tomorrow.

Choose a structured cabling solution
  • Point-to-point cabling systems are difficult to manage and simply don’t allow for easy upgrades or changes. A structured cabling solution, on the other hand, is a modular, standards-based system that is adaptable to any business changes that drive your technology migrations.
Utilize high-performance cables
  • As speeds increase, optical loss budgets decrease. Ensure your cabling can be used for multiple generations of hardware, so it can remain in place and allow for easy hardware swaps. High-performance cables will also have low dB loss, providing optimal data flow.
Follow the standard 
  • The TIA-942 standard addresses cabling infrastructure design that will facilitate scalable growth, and easy moves, adds and changes.



Skinny Trunk SolutionOne Big Challenge

The biggest challenge for most data centers is cleaning up the mess that has been inherited from previous generations. Most data centers do not have the luxury of shutting down for a few days to allow a complete cabling overhaul. This is where CABLExpress can help. We have a dedicated team that understands the standards and brings years of experience to work for you.

Our Skinny-Trunk® Solution prepares your layer one infrastructure for future generations of upgrades. It allows you to increase performance, save time, money and space, and maximize the return on your investment now and into the future.