Solving Key Challenges: The CABLExpress Rack Mount Security Enclosure, The “RMSE”.

Posted by Josh Taylor on Apr 5, 2024 11:56:14 AM

Ensuring Uncompromised Security

The Problem:Data Centers and Shared Spaces: In data centers, co-location facilities, and shared...

Ensuring Uncompromised Security

The Problem:
Data Centers and Shared Spaces: In data centers, co-location facilities, and shared environments, multiple tenants or personnel often have access to racks and cabinets.  This poses a risk in where all personnel can access all the networking hardware in an area.  In certain cases, particular equipment necessitates heightened security measures, restricting personnel access to specific hardware.
Vulnerable Equipment: Networking hardware, patch panels, and other critical components are susceptible to unauthorized tampering, theft, or accidental damage.

The Solution:
Dual Lock System: The RMSE features a two-lock system on both the front and back doors. This design ensures that authorized individuals are required to gain access. No more single-point vulnerabilities!
Strategic Design: Bends in the access doors, a sturdy piano hinge, and a 3-point primary lock make the RMSE highly secure.
Peace of Mind: Organizations can rest assured that their equipment remains protected, even in high-risk scenarios.

Balancing Security and Ventilation

The Problem:
Stuffy Enclosures: Traditional security enclosures often compromise ventilation. Overheating can lead to equipment malfunction and reduced lifespan.

The Solution:
Hinged, Mesh Doors: The RMSE strikes the right balance. Its hinged, mesh doors allow airflow while maintaining security. Equipment stays cool without compromising safety.
Optimal Performance: Say goodbye to stuffy enclosures that hinder equipment performance. The RMSE ensures both security and proper ventilation.

Streamlining Cable Management

The Problem:
Cable Chaos: Messy cables create inefficiencies, hinder maintenance, and increase the risk of accidental disconnections.

The Solution:
Multiple Knock-Out Options: The RMSE provides flexibility for cable routing. Choose from various knock-out points to organize cables effectively.
Rear Brush Grommets: Tidy cable management becomes a breeze. Rear brush grommets keep cables organized and accessible.

Available Sizes for Every Need
The RMSE caters to different requirements with its various usable space configurations:

12U footprint in rack with 10U usable internal rack mount space
10U footprint in rack with 8U usable internal rack mount space
8U footprint in rack with 6U usable internal rack mount space
6U footprint in rack with 4U usable internal rack mount space
3U footprint in rack with 1U usable internal rack mount space

When it comes to securing valuable equipment, the CABLExpress RMSE is the answer. It combines robust security, thoughtful design, and ease of use. Whether you’re safeguarding data centers or shared spaces, the RMSE ensures peace of mind.
Ready to enhance your security infrastructure? Explore the CABLExpress Rack Mount Security Enclosure today!

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