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Rack Mount Security Enclosure


Maximize security and ventilation with the CABLExpress
Rack Mount Security Enclosure (RMSE)

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Maximize Physical Protection


The CABLExpress Rack Mount Security Enclosure (RMSE) is designed to ensure maximum physical security for the equipment in your racks. It is ideal for use in highly secure data centers, shared spaces, co-location facilities, and other areas where physical security is critical. Its hinged, mesh doors add additional ventilation. Featuring two types of locks, the RMSE works in both racks and cabinets.


Product Details:

  • Secures networking hardware and patch panels in open racks or partition cabinets where multiple tenants may have access.
  • Its two-piece design allows for easy mounting
  • The RMSE has a two-lock system on both the front and back doors, providing the option for two people to be required to gain access to the enclosure
  • The bends in the access doors, a piano hinge on the bottom of the door, and a 3-point primary lock make the RMSE highly secure
  • Multiple knock-out options and rear brush gromets for easy cable management
  • Comes in 12U/10U usable, 8U/6U usable, 6U/4U usable and 3U/1U usable space

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