CABLExpress Introduces Port Replication Solution for VSFF SN Connector for Brocade X7 FC64-64 Blades

Posted by Josh Taylor on Dec 15, 2023 8:21:47 AM

In a significant leap forward for data center connectivity, CABLExpress unveils a groundbreaking Port Replication Solution...

In a significant leap forward for data center connectivity, CABLExpress unveils a groundbreaking Port Replication Solution equipped with the Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) SN connector, designed exclusively for Brocade X7 FC64-64 blades. This innovative connector represents a paradigm shift for those seeking unparalleled performance, seamless integration, and enhanced efficiency in their data center setups.

Embracing the future of data center connectivity, CABLExpress introduces a Port Replication Solution that incorporates the cutting-edge Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) SN connector. Tailored for the Brocade X7 FC64-64 blades, this revolutionary connector ushers in a new era of efficiency and performance in cabling solutions. As organizations navigate the evolving landscape of data center infrastructure, the VSFF SN connector emerges as a pivotal element, promising a seamless transition, optimal performance, and a host of benefits for those seeking a robust and future-ready solution.

Provides a Clean Look:

Aesthetics matter in a data center environment. The Port Replication solution not only enhances functionality but also provides a clean and organized appearance. The logical port association integrates seamlessly into existing structured cabling systems, contributing to a visually appealing setup.

Integrates Seamlessly into a Structured Cabling System:

Interoperability is key for a well-functioning data center. CABLExpress ensures that its Port Replication solution seamlessly integrates with LC and MPO based structured cabling systems. This integration is vital for maintaining a cohesive and efficient network infrastructure.

Reduces Opportunity for Downtime:

Downtime is the nemesis of any data center. Cablexpress' Port Replication minimizes the opportunity for downtime by providing a reliable and efficient connection between active hardware ports and the structured cabling system. This reliability is crucial for the uninterrupted operation of mission-critical hardware.

Logical Port Association:

The Port Replication solution offers logical port association, allowing the integration of 64G SFP-DD ports, Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) SN fiber connectors, and LC fiber connectors. This seamless transition to existing structured cabling systems ensures optimal performance and future-proofing.

Passive Fiber Optic Replication:

Specifically designed for the Brocade FC64-64 blade, the Port Replication solution provides an identical port numbering scheme and physical orientation from the blade to the patch panel. This precision ensures a seamless transition into a standards based cabling infrastructure.


The modular and scalable nature of Cablexpress' Port Replication system enables a "pay as you grow" approach. With options also available for 48 port blades, you can replicate various blades per chassis in the same patch panel (or patching area), accommodating expansion without the need for extensive overhauls.

In conclusion, Cablexpress' Port Replication simplifies cabling for mission-critical data center hardware, offering efficiency and aesthetic appeal. It establishes a direct link between active hardware ports and the structured cabling system, reducing errors and enhancing overall efficiency for a refined appearance. This reduction in errors ensures the reliability of mission-critical hardware, making it a must-have solution for data centers aiming for peak performance and visual excellence.

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