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When Standard Solutions Just Don't Cut It, Consider Customization

When Standard Solutions Just Don't Cut It, Consider Customization

  • Apr 24, 2019
  • customization, data center
Mike Catera | Cable Specialist

Dealing directly with any manufacturer has its advantages: stocked product, shorter lead times, knowledgeable and experienced support, to name a few. One of the best benefits of working with manufacturers is their ability to create customized products for your unique data center needs.

We offer customization for trunking options, module and cabinet modifications, light path support, as well as smaller adjustments like specific needs for colored fiber and varieties of locks for enclosures.

As can be the norm for a manufacturer, custom product can become part of the everyday product set if they provide a solution to a problem many customers face.

Our Z mount bracket is a great example.  What started as a one-off for a specific customer who ran out of rackmount space launched into a successful zero RMU patch panel. It’s now purchased by dozens of different end users with the same problem!

Of course, our main focus is solutions for enterprise cabling infrastructures with standards-based recommendations, but if our customers are facing a challenge we’re always there to help them solve it.

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