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What is TIA-942?

What is TIA-942?

  • Dec 1, 2011
  • jtaylor
TIA-942 Data Center Cabling StandardWe???re big proponents of using the Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers, or TIA-942. It essentially creates a ???switchboard??? for your cabling system. TIA-942 is a better alternative to running a patch cable from port A to port B (known as ???point to point??? cabling).

TIA-942 dictates that you use patch cords from the equipment to a patch panel (typically at the top of the rack) and trunking products (cables that aggregate multiple lines and are typically condensed in size) to run to a MDA (Main Distribution Area). This is the ???switchboard.???

At the MDA, all of your active ports will be represented (or emulated). This allows you to make all of your MAC???s (Moves Adds and Changes) in one area with short jumper cables. Following these guidelines will allow you to grow easily and reduce installation time of new hardware. And because accidents are much less likely to occur with this model, you will also maximize uptime.

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