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What is in Store for the Data Center Cable World in 2014?

What is in Store for the Data Center Cable World in 2014?

  • Dec 17, 2013
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As any IT professional can testify, the world of information technology moves very quickly as new trends emerge in the data center space. Are you wondering what the data center cable world is in store for in 2014?  Well, so were we.  So, we looked into it and made this handy little list.

3 Trends in The Cable World for 2014


The Internet of Things

2014 will see a dramatic expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) as everyday devices will be able to become IP-enabled. This has been a slow buildup over the past few years as more and more devices have become capable of connecting to the Internet as part of their functionality. Now that Cisco has released the NCS  router capable of processing such a high volume of information, data centers will be forced to accommodate more information at higher speeds.

Will more companies will go green

One trend that is expected to continue to pick up steam over the next year is a widespread effort to clean up data centers and make them more efficient. Data centers can waste a ton of resources, including electricity and water. By optimizing assets and maximizing power through fiber optic cables, companies will look to go green without having to lose any business. This is one trend that is not going away any time soon.

Fiber optics will continue to grow in popularity

These days, users want faster and faster network connections—and one of the best ways of facilitating this is through fiber optic cables, which can transmit information at the speed of light instead of at the speed of electricity as is the case with copper cables. Fiber optics will continue to be installed in data center locations across the world in the coming year.