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What Does a 0.35dB Loss Mean for Your Network?

What Does a 0.35dB Loss Mean for Your Network?

  • Jan 17, 2020
  • insertion loss, dB loss, loss budgets
  • Josh Taylor

If you haven’t seen one before, a module is part of a fiber optic enclosure (sometimes referred to as a patch panel). Modules contain fiber that converts MTP trunk cabling into duplex LC connectors.

These boxes are part of a modular solution designed to be removed or changed as needed. This ensures adaptability to the ever-changing cabling environment in the data center. (For more information, check out a detailed description of this concept in our Structured Cabling Guide.)

But what does this have to do with fiber optic loss budgets?

A loss budget should be part of the design for your current data center and future expansion. Because a module's dB loss will be a part of your total loss budget calculation, the lower the module's loss measurement, the better chance you have to stay within the total loss budget you’ve designed.

As your network grows and planned speeds increase, loss budgets will shrink, leaving little room for light loss without sacrificing data to light breaches. Because of this, it will become critical to deploy low dB loss cabling products.

At 0.35dB loss, CABLExpress modules provide you with a tool to keep you well below the TIA-942 design standard as you keep up with increasing network demands.

CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk® H-Series,  RSD Series, H+, and EA Series modules, hold the lowest dB loss in the industry at 0.35dB.

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