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What Can CABLExpress RSD Series Fiber Enclosures Do For You?

What Can CABLExpress RSD Series Fiber Enclosures Do For You?

  • Jun 17, 2013
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  • rpurdy

Fiber Cable Enclosures - RSD Series by CABLEXpressYour fiber cables are "the veins" of your network. They carry data at lightning speed and if something were to happen to them, your organization would be in a lot of trouble. That’s why we’ve been putting such a strong emphasis on the RSD Series Fiber Enclosures.

Think back to when you were a child and you tried to clean your room really fast so that you could get on with the finer aspects of life. Every small, concealed space became fair game for stashing (well, not you...some other kid).  Closets, underneath the bed and dresser… these were the magic go-to spots.

These days you have a data center to manage, and you can’t get away with this kind of behavior anymore. Stashing fiber cable incorrectly is dangerous—and there are regulations to follow. So, we have your best interest in mind when we say that it’s time to grow up and get organized!

There is no room for disorganization in a system as complex as a data center. 

Tangled wires can cause a lot of problems.

One way to do this is to invest in a CABLExpress RSD Series Fiber Enclosure.

Here is a look at what it can offer you:


By definition, a fiber cable enclosure is a cabinet used to organize and house cable splices and terminations in data centers. RSD Series Fiber Enclosures come in three different sizes—1U, 2U and 4U, allowing you to store up to 96, 196 and 384 fibers, respectively. The enclosures come with acrylic glass paneling on the front. Racks sit in sliding drawers, which recess back into the enclosure for extra protection.

RSD Series Fiber Enclosures: Additional Product Features


  • This product’s modular design will let you store more than one connector types inside of each enclosure.

  • There should be no need to worry about unwanted cable movement. LC and SC couplers are built with cutting-edge stabilizing springs to guarantee that they will stay in place.

  • Internal cable managers assure that your fiber cables will bend at the proper radius.