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TIA-42 Telecommunication Cabling Systems Engineering Committee Conference Recap

TIA-42 Telecommunication Cabling Systems Engineering Committee Conference Recap

  • Jun 17, 2020
  • TIA standards, TIA 942, TIA
  • Rick Dallmann

And just like that, after much anticipation and uncertainly, the first-ever virtual TIA-42 Telecommunication Cabling Systems conference has come to an end. The second quarter of 2020 certainly saw some unprecedented events.

Without mentioning the brand of web platform utilized for the various engineering committee meetings, I must give out big props, as there were ZERO technical difficulties even with the number of attendees per meeting ranging from 30 to 80. And keep in mind, these were not 30-minute meetings; these meetings lasted four to eight hours!

There still were many moments of, “Unmute yourself. Mute yourself. Repeat yourself. You broke up. What is all that noise?” But the meetings for the most part concluded without a hitch, accomplishing the proposed agenda and then some, in the relatively expected timeframe scheduled.

Liaison Reports

Providing a quick recap of the week, there were liaison reports provided for the different TIA engineering subcommittees, such as the various IEEE 802.3xx task groups including, for example, the 100 Gb/s, 200 Gb/s, and 400 Gb/s Electrical Interfaces and Bidirectional 10 Gb/s, 25 Gb/s, and 50 Gb/s Optical Access.

There were also reports from the US TAG ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25 WG3, IEC SC86B (Fiber Optic Interconnecting Devices and Passive Components) working groups, concluding with the BICSI Standards Liaison report. These liaison reports are not only informative, but ensure that the various standards being written are holistic across the various standards and spec organizations.

Publishing and Addendums

Highlighting activity from the TIA engineering subcommittees, the TR-42.1 resolved comments and voted to publish TIA-TSB-162-B and move forward with the addendum approved for Edge Data Centers (EDC).

The TR-42.7 resolved ballot comments on the proposed drafts of the ANSI-TIA-568.5, single pair cabling system and the ANSI/TIA-5071, field testing for single pair cabling systems. Each were then authorized for an industry and committee ballot, respectively.

After voting to publish the TIA-PN-5069, Optical Fiber Channel Polarity, the TR-42.11 concluded with general discussion and contribution changes to the Multimode Cabling Test Standard, IEC 61280-4-1 and the use of BIMMF in Test Reference Cords.

TR-42.12’s discussion focused around the numerous FOTP (Fiber Optic Test Procedures) and TIA-455-xxx new adoptions from IEC 60793-1-xx Optical Fibers Measurement Methods and Test Procedures.

Last, but certainly not least, the TR-42.13 focused on comment resolution for the CS Connector FOCIS 19 and proceeded to Industry Ballot.

What's Next

With this week concluded, I’m more at ease now with round two planning, as the third quarter meetings have already been decided to be virtual again in early October.

Although it was a productive and exciting week, I’m looking forward to getting back to business as normal and hope for in-person conferences as we kick off 2021!

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