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TIA-42 Telecommunication Cabling Systems Engineering Committee 3rd Quarter Conference Preview

TIA-42 Telecommunication Cabling Systems Engineering Committee 3rd Quarter Conference Preview

  • Oct 8, 2020
  • TIA standards, TIA 942, TIA
  • Rick Dallmann

It’s time for the "virtual take two” of the TIA-42 Telecommunication Cabling Systems Engineering Committee's third quarter 2020 conference. To my surprise, the second and first-ever remote TIA-42 meetings went about as smoothly as the committee attendees could have hoped for.

We heard very little:

  • “Wow, look at your quarantined hair!”
  • “Put your pants on!”
  • “Unmute yourself.”
  • “Mute yourself.”
  • “Repeat yourself.”
  • “You’re frozen.”
  • “What’s that noise?”
  • “My internet is terrible!”

You get the idea!


To review, the TR-42 Telecommunication Cabling Systems Engineering group is organized into the below subject three categories then further defined into more specific engineering sub-committees with in these three categories.

  • Copper media connectivity and systems (TR42.7)
  • Fiber media connectivity and systems (TR42.11, TR42.12 & TR42.13)
  • Premises and cross functional requirements (TR42.1, TR42.3, TR42.5, TR42.9)

Conference Highlights

A couple of the exciting highlights from the second quarter meetings were from the TR-42.11 Optical Fiber Systems Committee who updated the TIA-568.3, Optical Fiber Cabling Component Standard, and the TIA-PN-526.1, Optical Power Loss Measurement of Installed Multimode Fiber Cable Plant. Each of those updates were to revision “D.”

The TR-42.13 Optical Passive Devices and Metrology addressed several items with the ANSI/TIA-PN-604-19, Fiber Optic Connector Intermateability Standard – for the CS connector which included ballot comment resolutions, and  the proposal of an APC variant of the connector ferrule.

Stay Tuned

So once again, stay tuned for the latest updates coming soon from the TIA-42 Engineering Group. There is always a lot of standards work to accomplish and technology to discuss.

I always look forward to collaborating with over one hundred of the smartest minds in the industry - virtually!

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