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TIA-42 Telecommunication Cabling Systems Engineering Committee 1st Quarter 2021 Mid-Conference Update

TIA-42 Telecommunication Cabling Systems Engineering Committee 1st Quarter 2021 Mid-Conference Update

  • Feb 9, 2021
  • TIA standards, TIA 942, TIA
  • Rick Dallmann

Greetings from my home office in Syracuse NY. I’m writing this midweek on February 3 and I’m knee-deep here in both the first quarter TIA’s TR-42 engineering committee meetings... and in snow!

Exciting as both are, the bigger news appears to be the non-stop, snow-producing nor’easter that has blanketed most of the northeast section of the country. This is significant because if we weren’t in stay-at-home and virtual protocol already, these meetings may have been canceled due to the impact on travel for the majority of the TR-42 engineering committee members. So the virtual and remote meeting platform is a home run right now!

A productive week

With that said, it’s been a very productive and busy week so far. As I always say, it’s fantastic to spend a week with some of the brightest folks in our industry, collaborating on the latest and greatest fiber optic and copper technology.

But before I dive in and provide a brief summary of what our various engineering sub-committees have been up to this week, I thought I’d give a brief overview of the TIA and what the engineering committees actually do.

What is the TIA?

The Telecommunications Industry Association is an accredited association by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a vendor-neutral, standards-developing organization. The various TIA's engineering committees, nine in total, create standards, testing procedures, minimum performance requirements, and technical documents for cellular towers, structured cabling, satellites, telephone terminal equipment, and my area of expertise, data centers, just to name a few.

These standards are essential to establish common rules and practices. They help the users of our products compare and choose or eliminate competing products from various vendors. They also ensure the compatibility and interoperability of technology from the vendors. Obviously, this is essential for 7x24x365 reliability and operations.

Progress in the meetings

Now back to the meetings. As mentioned in my pre-meeting article, the TR42.1 (Premises Telecommunications Infrastructure) and the TR42.11 (Optical Systems) subcommittees completed their nominations and votes for both Chair and Vice Chair shortly after quorum call. Congratulations to Dianne Forbes and Cindy Monstream for the TR42.1 and Phil Erwin and Dan Morris for the TR42.11.

The TR42.1 meeting was the first up with the majority of the two-day meetings focused on comment recommendations and resolutions for the TIA-942-B-1 for the Edge Data Centers addendum. The TR42.11 was next on Wednesday and spent the majority of its meeting time after elections focused on comment resolutions of the TIA-568.3-E, Optical Fiber Cabling Component Standard. No surprise here was the continued work and discussion on the various fiber polarity methods.

Looking forward

I’m looking forward to the remaining subcommittee meetings of the week as they look to be just as exciting as the first three days. So in between now and my meeting summary article, remember, there is nothing more important than to Respect Layer One.

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