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The Sensibility of Structured Cabling

The Sensibility of Structured Cabling

  • Oct 23, 2014
  • structured cabling, cable management


Sensibility and Information Technology



Simple word associations show us the huge difference

between structured and point-to-point cabling systems



What are some words that come to mind when you think about information technology?

  • Logical
  • Methodical
  • Systematic
  • Efficient

These four words are probably a pretty good representation.

There is a good reason these words pop up in people’s minds when thinking about IT. That’s because nearly all the time these aptly describe IT and how IT gets it done.


What are some words that pop into your head when you think about cabling, particularly conventional point-to-point cabling systems (and the word “systems” should be taken lightly)?

I bet the words and images that pop into your head are different than above.

Let’s be real. Most IT professionals have either seen or been directly involved in a cabling mess. Some may have experienced a classic case of cabling spaghetti like we see in those photos floating around the Internet. Others may have had to deal with moves, adds, and changes in their cabling environment that have resulted in frustration, stress, and possibly downtime.

A whole lot of cabling “systems” are not logical, methodical, systematic, or efficient. In fact, they are the polar opposite. Many times it’s a horrendous, messy nightmare.

It’s a very insensible phenomenon in an otherwise very sensible industry. It hinders and harms your network, plus it’s flat-out risky. Not only does it subject you to risks of downtime and other issues, but when things go wrong you have to try to fix problems among a mess.

Technology is advancing all the time, yet some people continue to stick with a point-to-point cabling approach and needlessly subject themselves to the negative effects that often go along with them.

A Sensible Approach to Managing your Cabling Infrastucture

In a world of continually advancing technology, the sensible approach is a structured cabling system. We’ve been in the business of cabling and IT for a long time, and our experience tells us that structured cabling is the way to go.

There are many technical and sophisticated explanations to explain why a structured cabling system makes more sense. However, for the purposes of this post they will not be necessary. If you want that you can read more here, here, and here.

Instead, just think about the examples presented. We are talking about information technology and information systems. Shouldn’t you be implementing the more logical, methodical, and efficient system? Isn’t that what IT is all about?