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3 More Reasons to Make the Switch to Fiber Optic Cables

3 More Reasons to Make the Switch to Fiber Optic Cables

  • Jul 2, 2013
  • fiber optic cables, fiber cables
  • R. Purdy

Fiber Cables - Fiber JumpersIn the world of information technology, the technology doesn't go backwards. That said, speed just keep on increasing and cabling solutions have increasingly specific and demanding criteria. 

Fiber optic cables are comprised of tightly woven cables of glass. Unlike its alternative, copper cable, which transmits data through electricity, fiber optic cable transmits data via light particles. The main difference is speed. When comparing copper and fiber the you see a stark difference, with fiber being much faster.  

It's like comparing the speed of light vs the speed of electricity.  Both are fast. One is just much faster. 

Aside from basic transmission speed, however, there are several advantages to installing fiber optic cable in your organization. We have talked about all kinds of reasons to choose fiber cables.  Here's 3 more.

Three More Reasons to Choose Fiber Optic Cables


1. Fiber optic cable can withstand extreme climate conditions

One of the strongest features of fiber optic cable is the fact that it is more versatile than copper cable as far as where it can be placed. While copper cable is sensitive to chemical corrosion and harsh elements such as moisture and extreme temperature, fiber optics are capable of being placed in areas where copper cannot pass through.


2. Copper cable poses hazards to your environment. Fiber cable does not.

Copper cables create sparks. But since fiber optic cable transmits data through light and does not produce an electric current, it cannot catch on fire. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses in areas that pose great fire risks, such as chemical plants.

Of course, safety and avoiding needless damage is not only common sense but good business sense. Therefore, fiber optic cables offer a better solution under certain environmental conditions. 


3. Wide variety of products to create better solutions

As the technology improves and speeds increase, the need for new and better solutions is growing. Fortunately, there are a ton of fiber optic cabling products to help. Fiber cabling products range from the very simple fiber patch cable to more complex products for data center cabling solutions.

For example, some organizations choose to implement a comprehensive structured cabling solution based on their goals and demands. To get an idea of the kinds of products included for this kind of fiber cabling solutions, the Skinny Trunk product line might be helpful. 

With the wide variety of fiber cable products available, your organization can achieve top performance, reliability, and manageability. 



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