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Spaghetti Cabling: What It Is, and How You Got There

Spaghetti Cabling: What It Is, and How You Got There

  • Dec 29, 2011
  • jtaylor

"It's total cable spaghetti."

We hear this all the time from data center managers that need help cleaning up a cable mess, either in front of a high density fiber switch or layers of cable under the floor or in the overhead tray.

Unfortunately, there is no magic potion to cure spaghetti cabling.

The solution involves extensive planning  and probably some overtime.

So how did you end up with spaghetti cabling in the first place?

I have heard a lot of reasons. The most common is that its an inherited mess. Most currently operating data centers were built in the 1980s, when hardware was HUGE and port densities were much smaller. There seemed to be no danger in running long fiber cables from port to port (or point-to-point).

However, computing needs skyrocketed and bandwidth needs grew exponentially. Data centers now handle as much traffic in one day as they used to handle in one month or even one year! Computing needs grew so much so quickly that its easy to see how cabling messes developed before there were cable management best practices in place.

So we know how we got into a mess of spaghetti cabling, but what can we do about it? Stay tuned for a plan on how you can turn spaghetti cabling into a clean structure cabling environment.