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New H+ Series Enclosures offer enhanced Ultra High Density features

New H+ Series Enclosures offer enhanced Ultra High Density features

  • Nov 2, 2018

Matt Breck | Product Manager

When developing new products or enhancing a current product, we often hear from and value feedback from our customers. 


We know that our customers are faced with different challenges every day and we want them to find our products reliable and easy and to use.  Talking with customers and listening to their ideas and feedback has helped us develop some of our new products that are now stocked items in our inventory.  


It’s also led us to redesign products, especially since we are always striving to make our products better for our users.  The H+ Series Enclosures are a good example of customer feedback to make one of our products even better.


There are several factors that need to be considered when looking to use any enclosure. The H+ Series Enclosures may look to be challenging with the amount of ports that are in such a small space. But now, that’s not the case. Our new H+ enclosures have cutouts that were designed on each tray to allow for better plugging and unplugging of fiber jumper cables.





To help with cable management we added custom molded D rings on both sides of each tray to have allow for fast and efficient input of cables. 









Each of these enclosures are stackable, have metal hinges

and deeper plastic tray slides for easier tray movement. 









Let’s not forget about the back of the enclosure!  The back cover and lid are now one piece to help manage the fiber trunks.  This allows users to get their hands way into the center of the enclosure where to plug your fiber trunks into the back of each tray.  Let’s not forget about the modularity and scalability of this enclosure.  The H+ Series Enclosures tray has four slots where each

slot can hold 6 LC ports or 4 MPO ports. 




The new enhanced H+ Series Enclosures are available in three sizes 1U - 72 ports, 2U – 144 ports and 4U – 288 ports.  Remember, the H+ Series Enclosures are ideal for a big project or still offer the flexibility to add a few ports here and there as your project grows!