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IT Accomplishes the Impossible Every Day

IT Accomplishes the Impossible Every Day

  • Aug 3, 2016

By: Josh Taylor | Director – CABLExpress Product Management


On a daily basis, I help IT professionals choose the right cabling product for their projects. In doing so, I look for all criteria necessary to ensure proper specifications, which provides me surprising insight to the obstacles most IT pros face every day.

           Josh and James discuss the obstacles IT pros face.

One observation I have made from these interactions is how challenging it truly is to be an IT professional. From the mundane questions posed time and again (Why isn’t my mouse working?) to the challenges of staying up-to-date with the latest technical advances, IT pros have a tough job to do. This always motivates me to be as helpful as possible to these warriors of technology, and has inspired me to write this blog post to give them the recognition they deserve.

Do it fast, but get it right

IT is a fast-paced environment, but accuracy is critical. “Fast-paced” and “accurate” are typically enemies – it’s difficult to attain them both simultaneously. But IT professionals live in a world where both are required.

So how do they do it? I interviewed James, our manager of infrastructure technology, to get his thoughts on the matter. He mentioned multi-tasking and prioritizing as huge factors for most IT departments’ success.

“Everyone feels their need is the most important,” James said, “and would like it to be handled as a high priority. We understand that so we’ve created a system to keep all matters moving. We never want anyone on our team waiting for the technology to work when they’re trying to do their job.”

This dedication to efficiency is why multi-tasking is critical. “The better a multi-tasker you are, the more successful you’ll be in IT,” said James.

Excellence today, prepared for tomorrow

Everyone, regardless of whether they have a job in IT or not, seems to know how the systems and technologies work. From the network to the cloud to the desktop, the IT department gets suggestions and recommendations about technology from people throughout the organization.

There are a lot of “pros” out there, people who have read an article or two, and they aren’t shy about voicing their ideas. Even in the restroom, when these “experts” run into an unsuspecting member of the IT staff they feel the need to share their thoughts. I hear about these crazy (and inappropriately timed) conversations all the time!

But how do IT pros stay on top of upcoming technology while still doing their day jobs? It’s more than just reading an article or two here and there. Once again I asked James to see what he thought.

“People in IT are naturally very passionate about technology,” he said. “We collaborate as a group. We maintain contacts both inside and outside of our organizations to better understand what’s out there and how we can leverage it.”

It’s good to know that IT professionals do truly enjoy the technology they support. “Sometimes we just geek out about technology,” James said. “Everybody has their own area of expertise, so you can learn so much from others that are interested in different facets. These conversations with peers help you learn more and learn about new advances that are happening.”

Achieving the impossible!

It was really impressive to hear James speak about the pride and passion IT pros take in their jobs. It reminded me of something we at CABLExpress have known for a while. Did you know ferrets have been used to run cables into impossible places no one else can reach?

The dedication of these incredible little go-getters really reminds me of IT professionals. They don’t let obstacles get in their way – they get the job done even when it seems like it’s impossible. There’s a lesson we can all learn there.

Have you thanked your IT staff lately? They sure hear about it when things aren’t working, but they should also get compliments when things work well! These professionals are accomplishing the impossible every day.