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Insights: The CABLExpress Wall Mount Bracket

Insights: The CABLExpress Wall Mount Bracket

  • Mar 12, 2019
  • rack mount enclosures
  • Matt Breck

By: Matt Breck | Product Manager - CABLExpress

What is the RSD Series Wall Mount Bracket?

About 5 years ago, a customer requested that we design and make them a small wall mount bracket that holds an RSD Series Module.


As shown above, this is a small metal bracket that can mount just about anywhere! It can be mounted on a wall in a small wiring closet, under a desk, or under the floor tiles in a data center. Pretty cool, right?

How much space does it take up?

The bracket is pretty small, it only takes up roughly 6” x 6”, and is about an inch and a half deep.

Why would someone want to use this wall mount bracket?

This bracket allows the user to deploy as little as 6 ports of LC, SC, ST, MTRJ, MTP or RJ45. Not everyone has the space, the need, or the budget for a larger wall mount enclosure.

This is a perfect product for any customer, large or small!

Here are some product features:

  • Accepts any of our RSD Series fiber cassette modules or our copper/fiber adapter panels
  • Can hold both copper or fiber
  • Takes up little space when mounted

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