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Insights from the Arista Cloud Builders Seminar

Insights from the Arista Cloud Builders Seminar

  • Jun 3, 2016

By: Rob Jordan | Data Center Infrastructure Architect


The evolution of data center networking has been at the forefront of the data center industry for some time now – the players are changing and so is the game. Arista Networks has become a significant leader in the area of data center networking. Their EOS® solutions are becoming a game-changer in the industry.

An image from our Arista 7500E/7500R/7300X Connectivity Guide showing 40G connectivity with direct spine-to-leaf connect

EOS stands for Extensible Operating System and is described by Arista as a “fully programmable and highly modular, Linux-based network operation system, using familiar industry standard CLI and running a single binary software image across the Arista switching family.”

At a recent Arista Cloud Builders event in Chicago, Arista Networks presented a full-day seminar covering an array of subjects. The seminar focused on matters such as deploying a universal underlay, designing and operating a scalable VXLAN network overlay, VMware and OpenStack integration, and much more.

Arista describes these events as “demonstrations of EOS innovative features and Arista’s technology leadership, including explanations of new platforms and features, best practices for designing and deploying data center networks for network virtualization, and building a robust and scalable underlay and overlay infrastructure.”

Here are a few key takeaways from the event:

Changing Traffic Patterns

The traditional north-south traffic patterns in the data center hierarchy are changing in some instances to a more east-west hierarchy. Arista has embraced this change with their Leaf and Spine topology in the Layer 2/Layer 3 networks. The Leaf and Spine topology supports a more fiber-rich environment in the data center, supporting a more scalable, redundant and robust Layer 1 infrastructure. 

The Emergence of EOS

Arista’s EOS may be viewed by some as a disruptive technology but the pure nature of an open system, standards-based architecture can be very appealing to others. Arista has moved into a favorable position in the industry with their open system architecture, which allows users more flexibility when choosing from the many networking solutions. Users really like the fact that they can truly deploy multi-vendor solutions and not worry about being pigeonholed into a proprietary solution.

Arista Innovations

Innovations in the areas of workload mobility, network virtualization, data center scaling, and Big Data have truly moved Arista into a position as industry leader. The Chicago seminar was well attended by representatives from a number of Fortune 500 companies looking to learn more about this new and innovative technology. The future is bright for Arista, especially if they continue to leverage events such as these to keep in touch with the needs of their users.

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