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Insights from the Arista Cloud Builders Seminar in Columbus

Insights from the Arista Cloud Builders Seminar in Columbus

  • Nov 28, 2016

By: Rob Jordan | Data Center Infrastructure Architect


The Arista Cloud Builders roadshows provide attendees with a great platform for Layer 2/Layer 3 discussions, best practices for designing and deploying data center networks, and much more. I attended my first Cloud Builders event in June, and I found the recent event in Columbus, OH to be no different.

Both forums were informative and well-attended by like-minded IT professionals from a number of industries. The Columbus event in October featured more of the same. The technology seminars were packed with technical information and live demonstrations.

Here is an overview of some of the hot topics from the event:

Roadmaps Forward

The increase of software-defined networks in the data center space continues to provide an excellent avenue for Arista’s EOS® platform. Much of the content was geared toward these discussions.

In addition, the data center industry continues to expand with virtualization and cloud migrations. The traditional data center design was a layered north-south hierarchy. Today, organizations are designing their data centers to be more dynamic, featuring a more east-west hierarchy (more commonly known as a leaf and spine topology). 

This new hierarchy promotes Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching and routing for a more fiber-rich environment in the data center, supporting a more scalable, redundant and robust Layer 1 infrastructure. The Arista EOS solutions provide customers with a roadmap that will guide them through a seemingly difficult path of decisions concerning the upgrade of an old operating system to the new, more dynamic Arista EOS-based solutions.

Ensure your layer one cabling infrastructure provides the quality and performance to make those technology investments worthwhile. Learn how you can make your technology investments worthwhile when you Respect Layer One®.

Thought-Provoking Content

The Columbus seminar offered a curriculum covering the following topics:

  • Arista EOS Evolution
  • Deploying the Universal Cloud Network
  • Overlay/Multi-Tenant Networking
  • Routing and MPLS Update
  • CloudVision
  • Network Telemetry
  • Arista and Docker
  • University Case Study

The seminar highlighted a case study from the University of Kentucky, opening with a discussion on the importance of Layer 1 infrastructure. A successful technology deployment depends greatly on a strong Layer 1 platform, and this was a lesson learned at the University of Kentucky.

Layer 1 provides the necessary stability to deploy dependable, scalable, and robust data center networks. We can’t forget the old adage, “Never build on a shaky foundation.”

The success of a leaf-spine Layer 2 and Layer 3 hierarchy depends largely on the Layer 1 foundation on which it is built. We learned from this case study that a project’s success or failure is greatly influenced by the strength of the Layer 1 platform.

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