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Insights from Jerry Bowman Interview

Insights from Jerry Bowman Interview

  • Mar 18, 2014
  • Jerry Bowman, BICSI, data center cabling, cabling industry

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jerry Bowman, the former President of BICSI. He was kind enough to give us some time to  share thoughts on his experience with the ITS industry. He was both interesting and insightful. You can view the full Jerry Bowman interview - just click here.

The interview was chock full of good information.


Select Insights from our Interview with Jerry Bowman


Big Changes with End Users

"When I got in the business back 20 or 30 years ago, it was really all about selling the technology or the product... that evolved into a solution sale"

"People are buying results and they are no longer buying just the technology."


On Skills Gaps in the Industry

"The biggest skills gap is in dealing with international issues. Whether it's code and standards or whether it's actually local best practice."


On Career Experience and Obtaining Industry Certifications & Credentials

"All of them required some level of verifiable past experience in order to be able to do it."

"As far as the test and the exams themselves go, there are also very different. With the recent changes and diversion of the RCED that requires more of an application based, I think there is 40% now the questions are application based. It really is no longer multiple choice and memorization issue."


On Applying Expertise

"There is some real benefit in having breadth of experience and breadth of credentials."

"I think that today, the generalist or the person who is a specialist in multiple areas is in a lot higher demand..."


On Changes in the Infrastructure Technology Industry

"The next evolution in the outsourcing or managed services arena where everybody in the IT organization may today work for one company and tomorrow be an employee of the outsource company."

"I think that's going to be an interesting challenge for everybody that's a stakeholder in the IT industry and others to address in the next few years."


To see the full Jerry Bowman interview, please click here.

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