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Remove Your Network Blindfold

Remove Your Network Blindfold

  • Mar 19, 2015

Are you struggling to meet your business goals because of network visibility and structured cabling?

Reliance on network efficiencies to enhance business processes and increase revenue is everything. You need efficient visibility to see exactly what’s happening and when. Spending valuable time figuring out why something went wrong converts into lost dollars.

Despite advances in infrastructure innovation, many organizations are still fighting daily battles to ensure that things are up and running. When it comes to mission-critical applications, and the performance of the data center, companies invest greatly to see results. One big mistake organizations make is overlooking the importance of layer one connectivity.

Common business implications organizations face today:

  • Lacking optimal visibility into your network to effectively analyze traffic
  • IT departments being too busy troubleshooting, instead of proactively motoring network to focus on business-driven initiatives
  • A need for an efficient, structured cabling infrastructure for accessible upgrades and technology advancements



WellSpan Health, a nonprofit healthcare system, was one of those organizations struggling to meet their goals due to lacking a structured cabling platform and greater visibility into their network. As WellSpan made the transition to 10 Gigabit Ethernet, they realized they needed a high-density environment to operate at maximum efficiency.

CABLExpress provided the layer one infrastructure cabling environment, while Gigamon provided the Network Visibility Fabric™ technology required to achieve visibility and gain insight into traffic flow within their data center.


WellSpan needed a solid defense against unplanned downtime. After installing the structured cabling and network traffic visibility solutions from CABLExpress and Gigamon, WellSpan was then able to increase efficiencies in its operations and scalability for a strong foundation and continued business growth.


This lack of valuable data is fundamentally changing the way organizations are starting to think about IT. Learn more about how WellSpan partnered with CABLExpress and Gigamon to implement a new approach to gain full visibility into their network by developing a structured cabling platform.

Full case study available here.