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How Future Proof Cabling Solutions Mean Lower Total Cost of Ownership

How Future Proof Cabling Solutions Mean Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Aug 14, 2014
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Almost everybody in IT who has purchased anything knows the process. You have a cabling project. You write a list of the items you need to purchase. You get three quotes. It’s a pretty standard thing. So, what is the reason for this process?

The obligatory three quote process is put in place to get a good price. Nobody can blame a person for wanting a good price. However, there are some things that this way of getting a good price can overlook.

Is getting the lowest price at this moment in time the best way to look at building and implementing a cabling solution that suits your organization’s specific needs? In most cases, the answer is no.

The High Costs of the Low Price Obsession

Being concerned with lowest price this moment feels good. It’s simple. It’s clean. You see the numbers and it feels like a win. But are you truly reducing costs over the long haul? There’s a good chance you’re not.

Many projects are more complex than getting lowest price for a set of parts.

Here are some things to consider:

  • How do your parts perform?

  • Are these the best list of parts or specs?

  • Are you buying too much technology? Or not enough?

  • What are the operating costs?

  • What is the downside in the short term?

  • Are your project designs and plans optimized to best suit your organization and reduce costs over the long haul?


Well what’s the real secret to reducing the costs of your cabling infrastructure over the long term?

A Future Proof Cabling Solution Lowers Long Term Costs

First off, when you are thinking about the future you tend to consider the things listed above. Second, when you take a long term approach to create future-proof solutions, you tap into resources and great partners. These partners offer help designing your solution and build the proper specs for you specific needs. Lastly, a great partner can work with you to maximize your solution while minimizing costs over the long run.

When you work with a good cabling partner, you can lay out all your needs. You can also lay out all of your assets, strengths, limitations, and weaknesses. Once you assess the situation properly, you and your cabling partner can spec out a solution that will give you top performance for years to come. You will have solutions that will allow you to be prepared for the future. You will have a robust, reliable solution that won’t have to be replaced the next time the industry changes. These days, this means a top quality structured cabling solution.

This is so important. This provides so many benefits. Plus, this pro-active approach to implement a future proof cabling solution will give you an edge on your competition that are being reactionary in response to the market.

Future-Proof Cabling Solutions Provides Lower Cost of Ownership

It’s really that simple. Plus, it makes your life easier in so many ways. A future-proof cabling solution provides the most value. It supports your more advanced technology and applications in your network. It reduces your risk of downtime. It helps you manage your network and cabling infrastructure more easily.

Here’s the bottom line. Choose a great cabling partner and implement a top quality structured cabling infrastructure that will be best for your organization over the long term. It will be the best use of your budget dollars.