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Go On a Cable Diet and Get Rid of Unused Cabling

Go On a Cable Diet and Get Rid of Unused Cabling

  • Jul 7, 2014
  • cable clutter, organization, cable management

cable dietReducing our cable clutter is good for your data center and your sanity. It's time to go on a cable diet and get a healthy cabling infrastructure.

Are your conveyance systems at the brink of pulling away from the support fasteners? Many cabling professionals just assume that everything is ok, but sometimes disaster strikes! A conveyance system pulling off its supports, especially overhead, could wreak havoc on a data center. That may sound radical, but the next paragraph is all too common! Old cable, not being used but still in the conveyance!

This is problematic and disheartening.  There are far too many cabling professionals that work in data centers who have to deal with layers of old cabling that is not in use but was not pulled from the conveyance. Why?  People say it's because it would have disturbed the new cable that was laid over top of it. 

It is a vicious cycle that many have to deal with.  The more layers of cabling the worse the mess and the heavier it gets.

If you are in this position, you may want to come up with a plan to remove the old cable. When putting in new cable, evaluate diameter and weight of the cable as well.  Most importantly is to choose cable that will last for generations of hardware with a proper structured cabling design to avoid this altogether in the future!