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Florida to Be Connected to Atlanta With Fiber Optics

Florida to Be Connected to Atlanta With Fiber Optics

  • May 29, 2013
  • Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, fiber optics
  • rpurdy

Atlanta to be connected to Florida with Fiber Now, there is another reason to pack your bags and head south—and it has nothing to do with the hot weather, Mickey Mouse or a tropical beach in the Caribbean.

From Atlanta to Miami, Florida, there is a new network of domestic fiber optic cables being installed that will significantly boost Internet speeds for companies, cable providers, telephone providers and businesses. The ultra high-speed network is planned to run directly through Jacksonville en route to Georgia and will cost $40 million to install.

Why Fiber Optic Cables? 

Fiber optic cables operate through a land-line cable made of thin, tightly woven glass fibers.  Because fiber cables are used for high-speed, long distance communication it's a sensible solution.  After all, fiber optic cables of this type can transmit data at almost the speed of light— which is faster and more efficient than its alternative land-line transmission option, which works by sending electrons over copper cable.

Moreover, by transmitting data via light instead of through electricity, fiber optic cables avoid complications such as fire hazards and conductivity issues. Fiber cables are easier to install and provide a stronger signal when sent over long distances.

In addition to the tangible benefits of fiber optics, the advantages are also expected affect the growth of local economies.

Cities that bolster higher connection speeds will become alluring destinations for businesses as well as consumers.

There will also be a growth of IT related jobs as a result.

“You will be able to attract newer and high-tech companies to the area because of this connectivity,” said University of North Florida School of Computing Professor Sanjay Ahuja. “Medical facilities will be able to use this because they transmit huge amounts of medical images and data. Jacksonville is trying to upgrade its public services, they can also use this fiber backbone,” Ahuja said.

So, if you are living in an area that supports fiber optics, you are going to require the right cables to connect. Find out the details here.