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Your Fiber Optic Cabling Is a Critical Network Component

Your Fiber Optic Cabling Is a Critical Network Component

  • Nov 21, 2014
  • fiber optic cable, networking components

Einstein - Change Your Thinking

Next time you are talking to an IT professional, ask him the following question:

What are the critical components of your network?

Then listen to what he or she says.

What do you think are common items on that list? Do you think fiber optic cables are on that list? Yes or no? If you said no, you are at risk of making a huge, costly mistake.

Some people doubt this, but it’s true. In the past, IT professionals responsible for designing networks identified equipment like servers, switches, storage devices, and so on to be the critical network components. Fiber optic cabling simply wasn’t considered a critical component.

Times are changing, my friend.

These days fiber optic cabling is one of the most critical network components. You can learn why your fiber infrastructure is so important in a free white paper created by our cabling experts.

Learn about…

  • Industry standards and specs for fiber optic cable manufacturing
  • The importance of low optical fiber loss
  • Definitions of thermal and humidity cycling and other critical testing procedures
  • Essential factors to look for in an MPO connector

It’s really a great resource for all kinds of IT professionals, especially those who are responsible for designing and optimizing networks. Whether you are an experienced IT veteran or an ambitious young IT pro, this white paper will cover information that will help you become more informed and prepared to excel at your job and achieve better network performance. Download the white paper.


It’s time to start looking into the future and think about how you will need to adapt to the changes happening in IT.

First, the role of IT is changing. Instead of focusing on implementing tech and ensuring effective operations and processes, IT teams are being called on to help drive business results. Second, the demand for higher speeds is taking off. When you need to move data at higher speeds on fiber, you’re loss budgets decrease. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s time to change your mind set. It really is time to add fiber optic cables to the list of critical network components.