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Ferrets: The Best-Kept Secret in Cabling

Ferrets: The Best-Kept Secret in Cabling

  • Jul 26, 2016

Having worked in data centers, and been responsible for designing complicated layer one cabling topologies, you know it’s not easy to route your cabling everywhere you need it to go. But did you know that you could get help with your cabling challenges from a very unexpected (and furry) source? That’s right, ferrets.

Ferrets, both useful and adorable, have a long history of assisting mankind by accomplishing the most impossible of tasks – including cabling. Dating back to ancient times, ferrets were probably first domesticated in ancient Greece about 2,500 years ago. Later, they were used in Europe for hunting tactics and in many parts of the world to control the overpopulation of rodents. Today, they are used to help control a whole different problem, cabling in tight places!

Doing Jobs Truly Fit for a King and Queen

For almost half a century there have been reports of ferrets helping people run cables in tight spots that are too small and too complex for humans to navigate. The ferrets are dressed in harnesses attached to cables and are encouraged to navigate through spaces by using their favorite treat.

Perhaps the most famous example of ferrets at work is their part in broadcasting Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding. Ferrets ran TV cables through a narrow underground duct at Buckingham Palace in order to keep up with the demand of viewership around the world.

Space: The Final Ferret Frontier

But the job of a ferret is not always for love and fairy tales; they can perform under a number of different circumstances. When the U.S. Space Command was working on its New Year 2000 missile warning center at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, it was Misty the ferret to the rescue.

Misty was able to carry new wires down 40-foot-long conduits with ease. Her treat of choice? A strawberry Pop-Tart for a job well done.

If You Wanna Be My Ferret

Ferrets are no strangers to performing under pressure. In 1999, a trio of Spice Girl-themed ferrets named Beckham, Posh, and Baby laid TV, lighting and sound cables for Britain’s Millennium Concert. Without these famous ferrets, there would have been significant changes made to the historical buildings, landscapes, and designs of Greenwich Park.

This could have meant millions of dollars in man-hours and repairs for a less efficient cabling system with a poor quality image for everyone tuning in. But a good cabling system is what we really really wanted. The Ferret Spice Girls made it happen.

Time to Have a Good Ferret on Your Side

Ferrets are persistent little workers making for one of the best-kept secrets in technology. This is not to say that CABLExpress is breeding its very own team of ferrets (yet), but we do see the strong work ethic of a ferret as a good representation of what we are able to achieve. While you won’t find us crawling through your walls for a strawberry Pop-Tart (we prefer the s’mores flavor), you will find that our experts understand how to help you get the most out of your cabling infrastructure.

Like ferrets, CABLExpress can help you out in a tight spot. Whether that tight spot is a limited budget, minimal time to get the job done, or help understanding the complexities of current data center and cabling standards, CABLExpress is here to do the dirty work.    

Ferrets don’t always get the credit they deserve but they mean business (literally) and so do we. That’s why we respect ferrets just like we Respect Layer One®. Layer one is the lifeline of your technology infrastructure – disregarding it can make a lot of different things go wrong. Cords can get tangled, mislabeled or damaged. This makes your hardware and ultimately your workday useless.

Take the time to label and properly route your cables to avoid confusion. Make the most out of your planned outages. Prepare yourself for a successful future with standards-based designs. Look to CABLExpress as people who can assist you in all of this. Just like those amazing ferrets, we are here to accomplish the impossible.

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