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Dell EMC World 2019 Highlights

Dell EMC World 2019 Highlights

  • May 7, 2019
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Rick Dallmann | Director, Data Center Architecture

It’s a wrap. Dell EMC World 2019 has come and gone with a bang, as depicted by the final night of activity with a packed concert performed by Imagine Dragons.

From the time that I arrived in Las Vegas, it was a nonstop collaboration of the leaders in Data Center Technology.  

Before the show kicked off, I was meeting new colleagues and discussing tier 3 data center fiber optic infrastructure, 32Gb fiber channel, and how they work in conjunction with NVMe at 6 AM in the Palazzo Gym!

What's New

With over 15,000 attendees the showcase floor was jammed packed. Dell and their partners exhibited the latest innovative technology in the server storage world, such as Unity XT all-flash arrays that set new standards for storage simplicity, speed, cloud compatibility, and enhanced efficiency, all packaged in the latest MVMe ready design.

VXRAIL for VMware hyper-converged systems were also on display, and a plethora of other new technologies arrived in the data center almost daily.

These technologies and other advances, such as artificial intelligence, will provide current and future data centers with the tools to reap greater benefits like never before.

Technology at Its Best

One of the coolest displays at Dell EMC World not related to data center server/storage, was the use of a 3D printer to create prosthetic limbs for kids. 

Dell collaborated with its partners to ask and challenge what’s possible? This simple question resulted in exciting advancements like 3D printing for prosthetics hands.

This 3D printing technique developed by Dell is faster, more cost-effective and a more versatile process for creating prosthetics. These advances are changing the lives of young children with Dysmelia each and every day.

Product Highlights

Now back to the show. With a birds-eye overview, conversations took place at the CABLExpress Booth that sounded something like, “Wow, I wish our director switches and data center’s fiber infrastructure looked and performed like that,” “Impressive and innovative,” and “a work of art :),” were just some visitor comments in reference to the CABLExpressSkinny Trunk™ Port Replication™ solutions.

These data center solutions are meant for high performing Fiber Channel director-class switches and Storage Networks.

CABLExpress won the CIM Industry Innovation Award three out of the last four years for product design and class-leading performance in regard to its fiber optics infrastructure solutions in enterprise data center storage and network market.

The Big Announcement

What really took center stage was CABLExpress’s release of the industry’s first G620 Port Replication Enclosure for Brocade’s G620 ultra-dense, highly scalable, enterprise-class switch, and other branded partners such as EMC, Hitachi, and IBM.

This CABLExpress 1u enclosure simplifies complex fiber cabling for both serial and parallel fiber optic transmission protocols that the G620’s standard duplex and Q-Flex ports offer, and presents them all in a clean, smart, and workable 1u 64 port design.

The G620 Replication enclosure will make all data center operators fiber optic experts since it is truly Plug and Play! With all of the requests for design assistance from our architects already, you can expect to see the G620 Replicator starting to appear in data centers all over the world.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again if you are in the data center or IT market, vendor or employee, DELL EMC World is truly an event you do not want to miss. See you next year!


Port Replication™ and Skinny Trunk™ are registered trademarks of CABLExpress

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