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Data Center Issues Cause Major Concerns for Schools

Data Center Issues Cause Major Concerns for Schools

  • Sep 19, 2013
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This is a unfortunate story, but it is a good reminder to all of us how important our networks are to all of us...and how bad the effects can be when things go wrong.

Around the country, millions of students have returned from summer vacation and have started a new year of learning. For some, however, unexpected delays are occurring due to system wide network failures.

Most notably, the California based Davis Unified School District experienced server malfunctions due to overheating when an air conditioning unit stopped working. As a result of the failure, the temperature of the room increased to over 120 degrees F. Students and faculty were affected due to the inability to use basic functions that require computer usage. Aside from several days of lost communication, the school system experienced data loss as well.

Additionally, the Beaverton, Oregon school district was affected when a fire alarm malfunctioned and activated a sprinkler system. Servers and hard drives were damaged, meaning online textbooks, schedules, class lists and email were all out of commission. The systems have since been repaired.

These two examples highlight the negative implications of what can happen when sensitive data is damaged or destroyed by elements such as heat or water. While the damage in a school system is enough to slow down progress for several days, if something like this were to happen in a mission critical environment the effects would be catastrophic for the organization that relies on its data center. 

These are stark reminders of the nightmares of downtime. 

That's why we never stop emphasizing the importance of two things.

  1. Having a good foundation / fundamentals (and a plan B)).  This includes an organized, scalable design and planning.  This not only includes plans to implement a solution.  You also need to plan for the future, and you need to plan in the case of unforeseen issues.
  2. Respect layer one.  Layer one is the foundation.  It is so important to make sure your cabling infrastructure is top notch.  Again, it's about the fundamentals.  You want an effective design, high quality cabling products, an organized system for moves, adds, and changes, a scalable solution that accounts for growth and constant improvements in technology.   

You need to protect angainst these kinds of problems by using common sense, being prepared, and having good practices in place.


For instance, Cables should  be inspected to ensure that data loss is not occurring. If copper wires are used, it is imperative that they are stored safely to prevent fires from breaking out. While servers are often stored in fireproof rooms, the equipment is not impervious to destruction should a fire break out.

As you can see from the problems downtime can cause, it's best not to take any short cuts or sacrifice qualtiy or reliability for the save of a few dollars.  That is penny wise and pound foolish. 

Remember to be wise about layer one....respect it. 

Have sound design, planning, and practices.  Make sure you cabling infrastructure is organized and easily managed and inspected.  These things will substantially decrease you chances of downtime, and less downtime makes everyone happy.