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Data Center Cabling Reality: Evolution or Extinction

Data Center Cabling Reality: Evolution or Extinction

  • Nov 5, 2013
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The world of IT is facing exciting times.  It’s a world of possibilities and new frontiers.  With that, data centers will need to grow and improve.  This means data center cabling and infrastructures need keep pace.  Here’s the stark reality.

Your Data Center Cabling Needs To Evolve

If your data center cabling and infrastructures don’t evolve with changing environment, you are putting yourself at the risk of “extinction”. It’s not literally extinction, but it’s a fitting analogy.

The demand for network speed is growing all the time.  People need more speed.  As applications like video and internet are becoming more involved with everyday business applications and processes, something is happening that is very important.  It is something you have to understand and address.


  1. The demands for speed increase. This puts greater demands on your cabling.
  2. Higher speeds mean lower loss budgets.  You simply can’t afford the same level of loss you used to get away with.
  3. With lower loss budgets, you need to adapt and change your data center cabling.
  4. You need high performance, flexibility, and scalability.
  5. You need all of this with a highly organized, easily managed solution.


That is how your data center cabling needs to evolve. 

Will a point-to-point cabling approach work?  Well, if you like messes, headaches, frustrations, and wasted time than the point-to-point cabling approach is perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you want avoid those unneeded headaches and stresses you can choose a high performance, future proof structured cabling solution like you can find here.

It comes down to this.


  • Do you want a high performance cabling solution?
  • Do you want it sensibly organized to make moves, adds, and changes a breeze?
  • Do you want it designed to be ready for the next generations of technology?
  • Do you want it to be designed to optimize data center space?
  • Do you want to avoid downtime?

If you answered yes to these questions… congratulations.  You’ll be more prepared for the coming demands on data center cabling.  

So, what now?

How should you prepare for the future trends in Data Center Cabling and Infrastructure?

The best bet is to start doing your homework.  Gather information and start learning what how all of this will affect you organization.  Download some whitepapers and guides.  Do some reading.  Watch some cabling videos.

Talk to industry experts that have tons of knowledge and specialize with design assistance.

These resources are available to you for free.  Take advantage of them. 

Then start planning how you will get your data center cabling from where it is to where it needs to be.  Start taking steps and outlining how you want your data center cabling and infrastructure to evolve.