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Custom Trunk Staggers: What You Need to Know

Custom Trunk Staggers: What You Need to Know

  • Mar 23, 2017

By Matt Breck, Product Manager



When you read the title of this blog post, you probably asked yourself, “What is a custom trunk stagger?” and “Why do I need one?” We're here to explain!

Large director-class switches require a lot of cabling when fully populated. Fiber jumpers are great for patching in short distances but not for this environment.

Multi-fiber assemblies, also known as harnesses or trunks, are a great product that will help speed up your install. CABLExpress has designed pre-engineered staggers for manufacturer specific line cards. 

Easy and Foolproof

After recently installing 96-fiber MTP®/MTP® trunks into a cabinet environment, I could not imagine doing it any other way. The staggers work perfectly and, in our case, do not require any Velcro®. 

The furcation point gets fastened to the side rails of the cabinet and the breakout legs run through a cable manager to the bottom of the switch. Matching labeling on individual legs to the ports make this trunk installation easy and foolproof—as long as each leg is plugged into the correct port!

Time is on Your Side

Not only was this process easier, but it also saved time. When does that ever happen?

Each of the 96-fiber MTP®/MTP® trunks is equivalent to 48 LC/LC fiber jumpers. If we were to use jumpers in those eight line cards instead of trunks, it would have required 384 LC/LC jumpers. That would have taken forever to unwrap, uncap, then install. 

Imagine trying to manage all of those jumpers. Now imagine if you ever have to find one to unplug or replace. Trying to learn Morse code would probably be easier! The image to the right shows how nicely these trunks dress into the ports. 

A little planning goes a long way when it comes to your cabling needs. Of course, CABLExpress is always here to assist you when what should be a simple project turns into your worst nightmare.    

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