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Chicago Dell EMC Forum

Chicago Dell EMC Forum

  • Oct 31, 2017
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A game-winning look into the company's future

By Rob Jordan | Data Center Infrastructure Architect

Michael Dell, Founder and CEO of
Dell  Technologies

The Chicago Dell EMC Forum resembled more of a packed pep rally than a traditional technology forum. Founder and CEO Michael Dell, took center stage to a room crammed with customers, vendors and onlookers. His excitement about the company’s future could only be likened to that of a star quarterback on the night before the big championship game.

It’s been a little over a year since the completion of the Dell EMC merger. Michael Dell’s decision to acquire the struggling EMC now has the same feel as to that of a game-winning, Hail-Mary pass in a championship game. EMC was strapped with debt, but held trophies from their development of VMware Inc., Pivotal Inc., and RSA Security LLC, in their trophy case.


A look into VMware's success

Michael Dell’s strategy to combine his hardware driven company with EMC’s software companies is now starting to look more and more like a match made in heaven.  Only a year after the merger, Michael Dell’s glimpse into the crystal ball has yielded some unique foresight, especially with the current success of VMware. 

VWware is most importantly driving profits but has also opened the door for the company to grow it's cloud strategy. 

The common themes of the forum were numerous, but for me the two that resonated the most were: 

  • Enhancing the customer’s experience through edge computing.
  • What are the unsolved problems for our customers?


Enhancing the customer’s experience through edge computing

Michael Dell described what he called the four pillars of transformation as the cornerstones of success.

  1. Digital Transformation
  2. IT Transformation
  3. Workforce Transformation
  4. Security Transformation

These four pillars make up the IT ecosystem. Like most ecosystems, each pillar has its own niche and role to play in the overall success of the company. Michael Dell’s vision included a somewhat giant leap to the cloud. He believes the advent of edge computing will keep the company in a forward looking posture. 

Converged Infrastructure (CI) and Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) by Michael Dell’s definition:

CI and HCI will continue to drive business into the next decade with more and more applications on the horizon.

What are the unsolved problems for you?

This is the question that all companies try to solve for their customers, but rarely find common ground to answer correctly. Even so, Michael Dell has positioned Dell to answer what are the unsolved problems for customers? Personally, As a customer, vendor, and onlooker - I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the company.

As a Data Center Architect with CABLExpress, I am excited about the current direction of Dell EMC and believe that edge computing, CI and HCI are only nearing the halftime of their success. The horizon is filled with numerous untapped applications ahead of our industry...and who knows, we we might just have a championship winner!

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