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CABLExpress at DataCenter Dynamics (DCD) New York

CABLExpress at DataCenter Dynamics (DCD) New York

  • Mar 14, 2014
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This week we had the pleasure of exhibiting at DatacenterDynamics (DCD) in New York City. The event featured many experts and thought leaders in the data center world.  It was a fantastic experience. We met a bunch of great people and had a ton of insightful conversations.    

Rick Dallmann, Senior Data Center Infrastructure Architect, had the opportunity to speak at the event and share his thoughts on cabling standards and how they relate to optimization and future-proofing of data center infrastructure for top end performance.

What People Were Asking

We talked about many things at the event, but there was one topic that came up often through questions we were asked.

People were curious and concerned about next-generation gigabit Ethernet speeds. They wanted to know what the future holds and how to incorporate these higher speeds into their organization's data center.  

It's a valid and timely concern. Given technology trends continue on their current path, the demands for higher speed will continue to increase. Therefore, it's vital to be prepared and forward-looking.

We were happy to talk with everyone at this event and hope people use the resources and content on this website to help educate themselves in this area.

Upcoming DatacenterDynamics Events

 We will be at upcoming DCD events. We look forward meeting more people and having even more interesting conversations. We love hearing what challenges people are facing and sharing our knowledge to help solve these challenges.

So, if you will be attending a DCD event - we hope to talk to you soon.

You don't need to attend a DCD event to talk to us. If you have a question or comment please drop us a line.