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Cables as a hot (sauce) topic at Dell Technologies World

Cables as a hot (sauce) topic at Dell Technologies World

  • May 21, 2018

By Ryan Steele | Strategic Account Executive

What does virtual reality, McLaren cars, soccer, top golf and CABLExpess cables all have in common? All are elements that you may never think of as utilizing Dell's technology, but all were a part of the 2018 Dell Technologies World.

So how does our Respect Layer One cabling fit into this event?

As a first-time attendee you could not help but wonder, how much would data center cabling matter to an audience of more than 14,000 people. Especially, an audience consisting of people from different countries, backgrounds and expertise levels.

My hesitation was quickly alleviated as the floor hours started. Attendees passed by our booth with a sense of surprise and curiosity.

Cable Talk

As discussions opened up, our booth visitors understood how we fit into the data center picture. Plus, our CABLExpress Viva la Verde premium hot sauce wasn’t a bad touch either.

My team was constantly hearing attendee comments such as, "I wish my data center looked like that," and "I can't get my team to get on board with this,” and "That looks really awesome." Music to our ears!

The conversations were rewarding on both ends as we were able to understand attendee’s biggest challenges and pain points, while they began to understand where CABLExpress could fit in the bigger picture of their organizations.

Surely, some attendees were there for higher priority topics, such as the Dell/EMC merger, peer-to-peer learning, the latest storage and server technologies and of course the after parties.

Out of sight, out of mind

Often times cabling is an out of sight, out of mind element of an organization, until a much bigger issue arises. The conversations had at Dell Technologies World only validated just that. Different silos dealing with different issues and high-ticket projects often leave cabling left in the dust.

I believe attendees now have a better sense of where to go when they need help with cabling issues. One discussion at a time, getting attendees on board to understand the advantages to Respect Layer One was a major win for the CABLExpress team.

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