Data Center Cabling Solutions
May, 12, 2016

How to Cable the Arista 7500E, 7500R and 7300X Series Switches

CABLExpress recently published a structured cabling application guide for Arista switches. The guide includes connectivity examples for the 7500E and 7300X Series switches, and includes the newer 7320X chassis. It also includes the recently released 7500R router.

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January, 21, 2016

Football and network cabling. Are they really that different?

Being in the midst of football season, we cannot help but think about the similarities between football and the cabling industry. We're especially thinking about its relation to the introduction of the Category 8 standard within copper patching. Data center cabling is much like a game-winning drive down the field in the final minutes of a football game.

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October, 30, 2015

How to Reduce Cabling Congestion with 28 Gauge Copper

Choosing a product for your network, navigating through the purchasing process can be stressful. Understanding all of the costs involved, as well as key factors for each product, will help you to make better informed decisions for your layer one infrastructure and will help you avoid costly network mistakes. 

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August, 27, 2015

How to Offset Costs of Your Data Center Cabling

It’s time to upgrade your SAN directors in your data center. Costs can add up quickly, so carefully selecting the right cabling solution can make all the difference during your cabling installation process. 

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July, 27, 2015

Migration Concerns to the 16-Fiber MPO Connector

A recent discussion raised concerns that a 16 and 32-fiber MPO connector would be needed for 400G speeds. These connectors would not be compatible with currently installed 12-fiber MPO connectors, thus creating a significant challenge in migration to those speeds.

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June, 16, 2015

How to Choose Quality Fiber Jumpers

Shopping for fiber jumpers can sometimes seem like a daunting task. As a buyer with so many options these days, how can you weed through the good vs. the bad vs. the ugly when it comes to quality fiber jumpers?

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June, 01, 2015

Learn How Layer One Technology Optimizes Data Center Performance for Years to Come

Learn new, proactive strategies to design data center infrastructures that will provide optimum performance for generations of technology platforms and upgrades and introduction of new technologies.

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April, 16, 2015

Respect Layer One with CABLExpress at Data Center World in Las Vegas

The CABLExpress team is excited to be back at Data Center World as an exhibitor this year. Join us and thousands of other data center professionals at The Data Center World Global Conference, April 19 to April 23 at The Mirage Resort in Las Vegas.


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March, 19, 2015

Remove Your Network Blindfold

Are you struggling to meet your business goals because of network visibility and structured cabling? Reliance on network efficiencies to enhance business processes and increase revenue is everything.

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March, 11, 2015

The Zen of Port Replication

zen of port replactionAchieve Ultimate Manageability with Your Data Center Cabling - Learn how port replication can bring more peace to your data center.

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