Data Center Cabling Solutions
April, 19, 2018

Best Practices for Handling Fiber Optic Cabling

Did you know, fiber optic cables have glass in them? Much like a shipping box, fiber optic cables are well protected and must be handled with care. Here are some basic best practices for handling fiber optic cables.

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April, 05, 2018

7 White Papers to Dramatically Improve Your Data Center Cabling

Cabling in the data center is a key component of your infrastructure. However, it can sometimes be overlooked or taken for granted. That can be a costly mistake causing a variety of problems. On the other hand, when you implement a smart, high-quality data center cabling design, you’ll see a variety of benefits. To help you achieve these benefits, our data center cabling architects and experienced industry experts have created a series of valuable white papers full of insights.

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March, 22, 2018

Cabling for a Spine and Leaf Design in a Hyperconverged Data Center

The traditional, three-tier layout has been dominant for decades. However, a spine and leaf design removes a “hop” that allows for a myriad of benefits. It now becomes predictable, scalable and solves the east-west traffic problem. Learn why a spine and leaf design is right for you.

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March, 06, 2018

What Problems Does the Multi-Pathâ„¢ Cabling Solution Solve In Data Centers and Networks?

It’s been nearly a year since CABLExpress released and deployed its Multi-Path™ solution. The Multi-Path™ solution seeks to deliver a simple, effective fiber path and polarity system that effectively handles multiple paths, such as duplex or parallel signals, with no disruption or added cost. Now with hundreds of installations under our belt, the verdict is in: the Multi-Path solution has more than delivered on what it promised.

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February, 13, 2018

The Evolution of Ethernet and Fibre Channel Structured Cabling in the Data Center

In this decade we have seen a shift in structured data center cabling from copper to fiber and a hybrid mix of both. It’s important to note that managing a hybrid connectivity data center is complex, but can be done effectively with a proper structured cabling solution.

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January, 19, 2018

Moving From Point-to-Point Cabling to Structured Cabling

The average cost, per square foot, to build and populate a new small sized data center can be challenging. The cost per square foot can range from $200 to $1000 depending on renovations to an existing building, or starting from scratch. While power and cooling are primary topics of consideration, cabling is also important! So important, C-NET CDCDP Training reports the cost of cabling when building a new data center is 5% to 6% of the overall expense, when running point to point connections.

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December, 29, 2017

2017 Gartner Data Center Conference: A young professional's insight

As a young professional in this ever-changing technology world, the ceiling of learning is endless. Ryan Steele, Strategic Account Executive, attended this year's Garner Data Center conference - and was not disappointed. It proved to be another reminder that staying current on the latest technologies trends in IT is crtical.

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December, 20, 2017

2017 Gartner Data Center Conference: A first-timer's insight

Josh Taylor returns from the 2017 Gartner’s Data Center conference in Las Vegas, NV. As a "layer one" guy, Taylor was intimidated by the intense brain power at the conference, but amazed with the myriad of technological concepts and themes. Even though it was his first time attending, Taylor hopes it won't be his last. Learn about Taylor's expereince and his thoughts on the almighty cloud.

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December, 15, 2017

Cloud and Infrastructure Agility: Insights from the 2017 Gartner Data Center Conference

Gartner again delivered another spectacular conference in Las Vegas this year, filled with many tracks to meet today’s relevant topics and informational sessions directed specifically at different categories in the data center space. Of the top five tracks, I focused my attention mostly on the cloud and infrastructure agility viewpoints.

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November, 20, 2017

All 50 Micron Fiber Cables are Created Equal. Or Are They?

From small mom and pop shops looking for a single fiber jumper, to fortune 500 companies looking for robust structured cabling solutions – we see and hear it all. Due to the variety of end user types in our wheelhouse, we’re tasked with answering questions from all across the board. Sometimes technical in nature, other times cost related - or a common question we are often fielding that combines both. If OM2, OM3, and OM4 are all 50 micron why wouldn’t I just buy the cheapest available?

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