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7 Great Structured Cabling Resources

7 Great Structured Cabling Resources

  • Oct 9, 2014
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resources to bookmarkThe world of information technology is evolving based around continuous advancement and business needs. This means cabling infrastructures need to evolve, too. That’s why more and more people are moving from point-to-point systems and implementing structured cabling solutions.

People want to know about the standards, best practices, design, products, capabilities, advantages, and so on. People want answers for their questions. In short, they want help understanding structured cabling better to help them make intelligent decisions.

To answer some of your questions and provide helpful information, here's a helpful list.

Helpful Structured Cabling Resources

  1. What is Structured Cabling? …And Why It’s Important - Blog post
  2. Data Center Structured Cabling Guide
  3. Conflicts in Cable Standards White Paper
  4. Point-to-Point vs. Structured Cabling System – Brief video tutorial
  5. Passive Optical Port Replication White Paper
  6. Webinar – Best Practices for Migrating to a Structured Cabling System
  7. Wikipedia Structured Cabling Page

We hope this provides some of the answers and information people are looking for.