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4 Fiber Optic Cabling White Papers to Boost Your Network's Performance

4 Fiber Optic Cabling White Papers to Boost Your Network's Performance

  • Jun 25, 2018
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As we all know, it’s better to build a solid foundation than one on sand. Fiber optic cabling, for fiber optic cabling - 4 white papersexample, is a key part of the infrastructure that forms a solid foundation for your network. For this, and several other reasons, fiber optic cables prove to play an important role in your network’s performance.
That’s why our team takes steps to help educate people about their cabling infrastructure and design in order to boost performance and reliability, and to achieve desired results. Below are a selection of white papers specifically about fiber optic cabling.
We hope that with this information, you will be better equipped to make decisions and take an effective approach to your cabling for your organization.

Fiber Optic Cabling White Papers to Help Improve Your Network

The Impact of Emerging Data Rates on Layer One Fiber Cabling Infrastructures

Data rates are increasing. There is a real need for speed and that’s not likely to change. With emerging data rates proposed by standards updates, are you well positioned for the challenges both now and looking ahead?
What about loss budgets in current and future high-speed links? And don’t forget about distance considerations. This white paper will help you understand everything in a simple way.

Specifying Fiber Infrastructure as a Critical Network Component

The fiber optic cabling (physical layer) design portion of the network used to be an afterthought. This is a mistake designers can no longer afford to make.
Learn about the importance of low optical fiber loss and the industry standards for fiber optic cable manufacturing. 

Conflicts in Data Center Fiber Structured Cabling Standards

Today's standards have both minor and sometimes serious conflicts that leave designs and designers in jeopardy. Find out how you can avoid these conflicts.

Passive Optical Port Replication™ in the Data Center

Imagine the convenince of your fiber enclosures mirroring your active switch hardware ports exactly! Learn what port replication™ is and the benefits you can receive from utilizing it in your data center.

The Importance of Fiber Optic Cabling Infrastructure

Every day, people in organizations everywhere busily work away to improve business. All of their work, even the most advanced applications, relies on the cabling infrastructure to perform well. When the fiber optic cabling is done right, performance is high and headaches remain low. But the fiber optic cabling is often taken for granted. Yet, so much rides on it working well.
Not only that, when the unforeseen challenges arise it matters how fiber optic cabling - boost performancequickly and effectively you can troubleshoot and react to resolve the issue. A well-organized cabling solution or system can be the difference between a small hiccup in network performance and a huge operational and financial headache.
An organization’s approach to its fiber cabling affects more than Information Technology teams. It’s true that IT is more directly affected. However, everyone from sales teams to the CFO and CEO are affected. Sales needs all of their systems running smoothly and efficiently at all times. The CFO wants to know how the cabling investments affect the organization financially in the short and long term.

Knowledge is Key to Implement the Proper Cabling Solutions

Arming yourself with information will help you in many ways. You’ll find answers to your questions, even some you didn’t think of asking. The insights will help you create the right approach to cabling for your organization based on goals and real-world business realities. 
What is the best approach based on what can reasonably done? How can you benefit in both the short term and long term?  How can you maximize performance, reliability, and manageability? How can you lower risks of downtime and the financial losses associated?
Use all the knowledge and tools you can. Browse all of our white papers, videos, and resources. And of course, if you have important projects to solve challenges, don’t be afraid to reach out to cabling experts.
Find out what a difference insights and knowledge can make for your cabling and your organization.

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