The 4 Key Fiber Cabling Factors for 40/100Gb Ethernet

The 4 Key Fiber Cabling Factors for 40/100Gb Ethernet

The Connector:

The MTP connector will be utilized for 40/100Gb Ethernet over multimode fiber. Due to cost constraints, multimode 40/100G transceivers are projected to be the most commonly used.

The Design:

As with anything new, this is a time to “do it right.” A structured cabling design according to the TIA-942 standard is a critical cabling factor for this migration.


40/100Gb Ethernet loss budgets are very small. Ensure you install a high-performance fiber optic cabling solution that has low dB loss. Make sure the dB loss specifications you get from manufacturers and suppliers are not “typical” results but “maximum.” This guarantees you can plan to stay under these loss budget numbers.


You should invest in a quality structured cabling product set, but don’t fall for just the marketing hype and generic terms. Do your research and educate yourself on the important factors. Demand documentation to ensure the good money you spend is an investment that offers a high return and can last through multiple generations of hardware.

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