Data Center Cabling Solutions
August, 18, 2016

Port-Replication - Saving Time and Money One Patch Panel at a Time

It’s been said that taking a long, hard look in the mirror is one of the best things you can do to better yourself. This philosophy also has a positive correlation when it comes to managing your business.

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August, 10, 2016

Reducing the Chances of Human Error in Data Centers

After learning about the recent cancellation of hundreds of Delta Air Lines flights, we thought about the challenges and nightmares that can send data center managers into a tailspin. At CABLExpress, we have spent a significant amount of time and effort researching potential causes for human error in relation to the product set that CABLExpress has developed over the last 37 years.

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August, 03, 2016

IT Accomplishes the Impossible Every Day

We get surprising insights into the obstacles most IT pros face every day. One observation we've made from these interactions is how challenging it truly is to be an IT professional.

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July, 26, 2016

Ferrets: The Best-Kept Secret in Cabling

Having worked in data centers, and been responsible for designing complicated layer one cabling topologies, you know it’s not easy to route your cabling everywhere you need it to go. But did you know that you could get help with your cabling challenges from a very unexpected (and furry) source? That’s right, ferrets.

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June, 24, 2016

What we learned at the Fifth Annual Greater Chicago & Midwest Data Center Summit

Data center managers are evaluating the numbers and trying to determine if leasing or owning data center space would provide a significant benefit in cost savings. Recently in Chicago, a number of colocation companies tried to provide the answer at The Fifth Annual Greater Chicago & Midwest Data Center Summit.

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June, 03, 2016

Insights from the Arista Cloud Builders Seminar

The evolution of data center networking has been at the forefront of the data center industry for some time now – the players are changing and so is the game. Arista Networks has become a significant leader in the area of data center networking.

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May, 20, 2016

How Port Replication Became the Superhero Structured Cabling Solution it is Today

Like any good superhero origin story, the tale of port replication™ begins with some evil villains and how a hero decided to stand up to them. The villains? Lack of data center space, cabling confusions, and downtime. The hero? You guessed it – port replication!

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May, 12, 2016

How to Cable the Arista 7500E, 7500R and 7300X Series Switches

CABLExpress recently published a structured cabling application guide for Arista switches. The guide includes connectivity examples for the 7500E and 7300X Series switches, and includes the newer 7320X chassis. It also includes the recently released 7500R router.

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January, 21, 2016

Football and network cabling. Are they really that different?

Being in the midst of football season, we cannot help but think about the similarities between football and the cabling industry. We're especially thinking about its relation to the introduction of the Category 8 standard within copper patching. Data center cabling is much like a game-winning drive down the field in the final minutes of a football game.

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October, 30, 2015

How to Reduce Cabling Congestion with 28 Gauge Copper

Choosing a product for your network, navigating through the purchasing process can be stressful. Understanding all of the costs involved, as well as key factors for each product, will help you to make better informed decisions for your layer one infrastructure and will help you avoid costly network mistakes. 

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