Data Center Cabling Solutions
May, 11, 2017

What's New in the World of Telecommunications Standards: Fiber Channel, IEEE 802, and TIA

The telecommunications standards bodies can be hard to understand at times. Keeping up with the constant changes in our standards can be a full-time job. Let me try to help simplify the process by reviewing some of the recent changes to a few of our major guidelines.

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May, 03, 2017

Spine-and-Leaf Architecture and Your Cabling

Seems like everyone is talking about spine-and-leaf architecture and spine-and-leaf cabling design these days. If you're designing a spine-and-leaf architecture in your network, there are a few things you will want to know about how to cable it.

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April, 27, 2017

The Race to 400G Ethernet Part 2

The first quarter of 2017 has accelerated the move away from three-layer data center topologies toward spine-and-leaf cabling designs. These new spine-and-leaf designs are typically running 100G connections using SR-4 optics.

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April, 20, 2017

Spring Cleaning - A Lesson in End-Face Contamination

It might seem like a stretch to think of spring cleaning along the same lines as fiber optic end-face contaimination, but consider this. End-face contamination could be causing you issues you don’t even realize—or worse—causing you issues that you think are from the hardware your cables are plugging in to.

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April, 14, 2017

What we learned at the 2017 Data Center World Conference

Data Center World always focuses on the hottest topics in the industry today. It was a valuable opportunity to talk with so many influential people and present our vision on how we see things taking place in the future.

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March, 23, 2017

Custom Trunk Staggers: What You Need to Know

When you read the title of this blog post, you probably asked yourself, “What is a custom trunk stagger?” and “Why do I need one?” Large director-class switches require a lot of cabling when fully populated. Fiber jumpers are great for patching in short distances but not for this environment. Learn how multi-fiber assemblies, also known as harnesses or trunks, will help speed up your install.

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March, 13, 2017

Data Center Downtime: The Little Details Matter!

I was just reading about how Amazon’s massive outage in February 2017 was due to human error, specifically blamed on a “mistyped command.” I’m always simultaneously amazed and frightened at how much money is at stake during downtime, but a few other things struck me about this story as well.

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March, 03, 2017

Quality vs. Cost: The Threat of Low-Cost Cabling

When it comes to data center cabling, we at CABLExpress cite some simple equations and things to keep in mind that prove price can’t be the only deciding factor when investing in cabling. Quality counts!

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February, 21, 2017

Spine-and-Leaf Cabling is All the Rage!

Have you been hearing a lot about spine-and-leaf cabling topologies lately? Sometimes it’s also called leaf-spine cabling. If you have, it’s not surprising. Spine-and-leaf is changing the complexion of data center cabling in today’s structured environments.

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February, 15, 2017

The ABCs of TIA-568

Layer one technology is all about the quality of the overall product. Fiber light path is a key component that needs to be managed properly to avoid downtime. To ensure your data center can support higher data rates, there are three methods defined in the TIA-568 standard referred to as methods A, B, and C.

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