September, 07, 2017

The Race to 400G Ethernet Part 3

This post is part three of a series meant to track the technology advancements in the move from 100G to 400G Ethernet speeds and their effects on structured cabling. The TIA-942-B data center cabling standard was released in August 2017. This standard includes the 16-fiber and 32-fiber MPO-style connector, as well as the standard TIA-492-AAAE. The TIA-492-AAAE introduces wide band multi-mode fiber (WBMMF), also known as OM5.

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August, 18, 2017

Insights from the Arista Cloud Builders Seminar - Chicago 2017

Arista’s recent updated offering of Cloudvision and container-based EOS (cEOS) solutions provide users from all sectors with a vast array of solutions. These solutions support the current spine-and-leaf architecture. There was a lot to learn in the Universal Spine and the DevOps integration discussions.

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July, 11, 2017

Using Cable Colors to Organize and Improve Your Cabling

When purchasing new equipment, it can be easy to find yourself in a mess of cables if you don’t pay close attention to the project at hand. You will thank yourself later if you take a step back and spend time thinking about the best way to cable everything up! Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

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July, 06, 2017

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Do you remember when a cable was a cable, and a connection was just a connection? Point-to-point was the cat’s meow, and it didn’t matter how long the cable was, as long as you had one to plug in. Times have surely changed, largely due to the ever-evolving world of technology.

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June, 27, 2017

Rethinking "Plug and Play" and Testing

At CABLExpress, we believe in the philosophy that you should Respect Layer One®. In fact, it pretty much drives our whole existence! With that in mind, we realized that maybe we all need to re-think the term “plug and play.” This terminology is a cabling industry buzzword that implies simplicity with fiber optic connectivity infrastructure.

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June, 15, 2017

2017 NY Tech Summit: A Cabling Guy's Perspective

When guests walk into the Turning Stone Resort and Casino for NY Tech Summit, their first impression (I asked many) is that it is well organized, comfortable and everyone is accommodating. The event seems to run seamlessly. Why? You know the answer – preparation!

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May, 11, 2017

What's New in the World of Telecommunications Standards: Fibre Channel, IEEE 802, and TIA

The telecommunications standards bodies can be hard to understand at times. Keeping up with the constant changes in our standards can be a full-time job. Let me try to help simplify the process by reviewing some of the recent changes to a few of our major guidelines.

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May, 03, 2017

Spine-and-Leaf Architecture and Your Cabling

Seems like everyone is talking about spine-and-leaf architecture and spine-and-leaf cabling design these days. If you're designing a spine-and-leaf architecture in your network, there are a few things you will want to know about how to cable it.

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April, 27, 2017

The Race to 400G Ethernet Part 2

The first quarter of 2017 has accelerated the move away from three-layer data center topologies toward spine-and-leaf cabling designs. These new spine-and-leaf designs are typically running 100G connections using SR-4 optics.

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April, 20, 2017

Spring Cleaning - A Lesson in End-Face Contamination

It might seem like a stretch to think of spring cleaning along the same lines as fiber optic end-face contaimination, but consider this. End-face contamination could be causing you issues you don’t even realize—or worse—causing you issues that you think are from the hardware your cables are plugging in to.

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