Data Center Cabling Solutions
December, 19, 2019

Visio Stencils for Data Centers

Whether you’re planning a new data center buildout or an upgrade to an existing environment, one of the most crucial things to recognize is the importance of an organized design of the network topography. Microsoft Visio is ideal for mapping out your current data center, as well as creating plans for future upgrades.

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December, 17, 2019

5 Reasons Why IT Professionals Choose Fiber Optic Cables Instead of Copper

When you are building a network that requires long distances, high speeds, and/or heavy bandwidth connections, there is no question: fiber optic cables win the day. To understand why, and where copper may still be the best solution, it’s important to understand the differences between the two.

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November, 21, 2019

How will 5G Affect Cabling in the Data Center - Part 2

5G has been released in some large cities worldwide by the telecom providers, while more and more cities plan to go online in 2020. As a data center structured cabling provider, the experts at CABLExpress are keeping a close eye on the trends that are certain to affect our market with the rollout of 5G.

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September, 25, 2019

Leveraging Data Center Architect Design Assistance

Whether you’re working to build a new data center, expanding an existing data center, or planning a hardware and/or network upgrade, having an expert by your side can help. What if you could have some of the industry’s best and brightest available to help with your most challenging projects?

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August, 07, 2019

Not All Light is Created Equal: Singlemode vs. Multimode

What is the difference between singlemode and multimode fiber? Find out and learn what that means for your data center. Remember, not all light is created equal.

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July, 18, 2019

Why You Should Be Labeling Your Networking Cables

Properly labeling your network cables is beneficial during an install, as well as in the long run. Using labeled cables helps prevent people from unplugging the wrong cable at the wrong time which will save you time, money and avoid downtime (which nobody wants).

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July, 01, 2019

How Will 5G Affect Structured Cabling In The Data Center?

For the past several years, it’s been predicted that 5G will improve bandwidth when connecting devices to the internet. Will edge computing answer the question of how to best deploy 5G networks? What does that mean for data center cabling?

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June, 20, 2019

How to Replicate the Fiber Optic Ports of the Brocade G620 Switch

The Brocade G620 is a premium performance Fibre Channel switch that utilizes flash storage technology. In order to help data center managers optimize efficiencies, CABLExpress developed a fiber optic patch panel to pair with the G620 and enhance the benefits the switch offers.

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June, 05, 2019

Let's Talk Storage (HDD to SSD to NVMe)

The traditional storage protocols like, Fibre Channel, underwent changes that will also affect how we design storage network moving forward. The migration path started with spinning hard drives (HDD), then moved to solid-state storage, (SSD) and then onto non-volatile memory express (NVMe).  As NVMe continues presenting huge opportunities for the future, it's helpful to know how it will affect storage design moving forward.

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May, 28, 2019

Women in the Data Center

One of our cable specialists shares the best information he gained from AFCOM Data Center World this past March. The IT industry is taking steps to increase diversity in technical positions.   

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