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2 Options to Help Save Space When Growing Your Data Center

2 Options to Help Save Space When Growing Your Data Center

  • Feb 25, 2014
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At some point it will be that time. You will eventually  be looking for creative ways to gain space in your data center. 

Data center feel a bit crowded?Saving Space in The Data Center vs Frustration

Now this probably never happens (cough cough) but you don't want to be that guy. The guy (or gal) who is looking for places to stash fiber optic cables, piling servers on top of one another... and IT managers are bumping into each other as they struggle to navigate the tightly cramped data center. Before you know it you are running out of room.

But before you run out and purchase a sledgehammer and start knocking down walls to expand your facility, stop what you are doing and analyze your situation. There are simple steps that you can take to reduce congestion and make life easier with relatively little cost.

There are two options below. One may sound obvious and simple. But then again, it bears repeating. Plus, simple isn't always easy. The second option you may not have heard about before, but it's really worth your while to check it out.  It could save you space, money, and frustration. Furthermore, it's a high performance solution that yields ROI.

Virtualize to save room:

As the scope of your business operations grows, you will find you only have so much room to store the servers that contain your mission-critical information. Instead of investing in new servers, try virtualizing to save money and space. Combining your hardware and software into one piece will allow you to store multiple servers on one system, which makes for a more cost-affordable and flexible situation. You will basically running the same workload with fewer physical systems in your space.

Invest in the Skinny-Trunk Solution for you data center

Now you don’t have to scrounge for creative places to stash your fiber optic cables thanks to the CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk Solution. The Skinny-Trunk Solution allows you to save floor space and expand if needed by combining fiber assemblies, H-Series enclosures and 10G-40G conversion modules as well as ladder rack enclosures, harnesses and fiber jumpers. Z-mount brackets also allow for universal mounting, which can fit on any standard rack in your data center.